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After the agression on my collaborator/Après l'agression de ma collaboratrice

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VINCENT REYNOUARD EDITORIALS After the aggression of my collaborator Below my last video, a fierce opponent says about me : ''Reynouard, I wrote a comment that you have not answered, it seems that you don't have arguments to contradict me. This proves that your stories are all lies. Moreover, you may also delete it to hide your wickness. Then it means that you are a coward. So I offer a face to face on Skype. Fair play. I await your answer and to show the courage that you claim. A fair discussion, face to face, live, argument against argument. This is what the revisionists call for years but was never granted to them. I urge to answering him : Off course I agree. Please give me your Skype ID and I will call you one of this evenings. Regards. Some will say that such a discussion is pointless with this kind of person. Sorry, but this is exactly the argument relied on by our opponents to refute the debate. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to use it myself when I denounce it among anti-revisionists. I was therefore ready to accept this discussion on Skype. Shortly after, King of night asked for my ID. I answered: Could I get your exact identity, now, supporting evidence? For, you know me and I don't. Loyalty begins with the fact that I have to know who you are. Thank you! From that moment, my fierce opponent vanished. Three hours later, I revived him so: Three hours since I have asked for your ID, supporting evidence and still no answer. Are you drafting a false card? Meanwhile, however, I went to see his Youtube channel. For, in one of his comments, this buffoon was threatening to report a revisionist sympathizer to the police. It made me think. I then noticed that on his channel this person was promoting a video which allows finding out how to get someone's IP address and then report it to the authorities. I then understood that this fierce opponent did not wish to discuss but only locate me in order to report me. Poor King of the night. Do you think that the authorities and my opponents need your initiatives to locate me? They perfectly know where I am. And even more. They know my land line number and my mobile number. And do you know why? Because they apply the same methods as those you attribute to us. Let me explain. You didn't dare gave me your real identity. Why? Do you think that a revisionist commando will come to your house to assault you? But we revisionists, do not organize punitive expedition. Our weapon, our only weapon is the Truth. But, truth doesn't need no intimidation or violence or the law to protect itself and to move on. However, yours organize commandos. A few weeks ago, a collaborator who works for me since the 2000s was assaulted. Knowing her habits and schedules, two men waited on her way to work shortly before dawn in an unfrequented place close to Spa in Belgium. Then, they took her bag and took her mobile. They then threatened her to give all my phone numbers. And to be sure that all the given information were accurate, they forced her to call me in front of them although it was dawn. Then, showing her a paper where addresses of her family members were written, they told her to really think carefully. These methods are naturally not those of the police. It was therefore henchmen in the pay of my ideological opponents. With these numbers they were able to easily locate me. You see, King of the night, my opponents didn't wait for you. They don't need you. Fortunately my staff has not been abused. But I remind you that on September 16, 1989, a commando attacked Professor Faurisson with an extreme violence. Without the providential intervention of a man who was fishing not far away, the henchmen would have killed him. In Limoges, leaving court, a pack of adversaries with nightsticks rushed over me. Nothing happened to me, thanks to a quick race and to a car that was waiting for me at the corner of the street, in which I engulfed myself. Without this car I would have been lynched. But maybe, one day my turn will come. Oh! I know that far from being shocked you will applaud. Didn't you write below one of my videos: ''Reynouard to me is a sow that must be killed.'' Elsewhere, you hope to see me hanged and you broaden your thirst for murder. One day, you said: Vincent will be hanging from a rope with his acolytes. Then you explain what is an accomplice. If one day I am being assassinated, you will applaud, I know it. Maybe I will be answered that not all of my opponents are like this King of the night. It is true that more numerous are those who hope for a social death for the revisionists. A death that begins with the ban of public speech. The person to whom I owe my last sentence to one year in prison, and indirectly the loss of my last teaching job, did not hesitate to declare against me - against us - We must absolutely not let our opponents, the opponents of this democracy, the enemis of this freedom, express themselves freely. However, speaking about the Charlie hebdo attack this same person proclaims : ''Freedom of speech can't have two half measures.'' Contradiction? Not at all. As soon after, he adds: ''Charlie doesn't attack people for what they are but for what they do or what they say.'' There's a huge difference. For this person, then, Vincent Reynouard attacks people for what they are. But this kind of attack we know where that led. When Reynouard says that the Jewish didn't die, in fact he says: ''Death to the Jewish'' and for that matter: ''Death to the blacks, death to the Muslims' death to the Slavic, death to disabled, death to who knows what else.'' Where the twist that can be - and that must be even - done to freedom of speech when it comes to Reynouard. Because ultimately, Reynouard preaches mass murder. Therefore, he is either crazy and must be locked in an asylum, either he is a cold monster and then should be prevented to harm by throwing him in jail. But what happen if this Reynouard escape justice and continues? Then, there is only one way: He must be shoot. Death, is the only solution. As one throws a rotten apple and all those it infected, I must be shoot as well as those who support me. Finally, King of night, you are just pushing through the logic of those who would like to silence revisionists in a clean manner, ie with only unjust force of the law. So, I will not address you King of night nor to the restless of your kind but to the others to those who chase revisionists on moving the lever of the unjust justice. You pretend to protect the law, the humanity and yada yada yada, Big mistake. The aggression on my collaborator by two thugs, the attempt murder on the professor by a commando, and all those other less visible violence suffered by the revisionists it is you who justify them. When a King of the night dreams to make me bleed like a sow, he only pushes your logic to its conclusion. For nearly thirty years, revisionists demand a fair debate, face to face, in live, argument against argument. What more legitimate when two theses are in conflict. This legitimate debate you have always refused it. Because you know that your thesis are fragile, indefensible, except to resort to Argus 620 which only serve to cloud the issue. But when one defend a lie, we start off the path of righteousness and when one starts off the path of righteousness, then in the end one justify all violence including murder. That is why the methods used in your camp and which consist to intimidate, hunt, unjustly condemned, to attack and even kill do not surprise me, they are the reflections of villainy of lies. And when serving a rogue cause then we adopt methods of the villains. It is fatal. But this is what will condemn you in front of Posterity. This is why, despite all of my misfortunes due to the repression that you orchestrate against me, I keep calm and I do not harbor any revenge against you, on the contrary. I agree with the sentence of Louis Cattiaux: ''We mourn now our agony in the world but one day we will weep in seeing the fate of those who deny us and overwhelm us down here.'' Good evening. You like our videos? Then help us to continue. Give to the cause:

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Year: 2015
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Posted by: didi18 on Sep 1, 2015

After the agression on my staff by two individuals who extorted her my telephone numbers and calls to murder against me on my channel, I demonstrate the primarily responsibility of those who orchestrate the anti-revisionist repression.

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