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Electric Girl PBS

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Hi, my name is Anna and I love electricity. Good! I like playing with electricity and getting messy and stuff. Good! Works! People like to use electricity in their house all the time. If we ain't had electricity, we wouldn't be modern. We wouldn't have fridges. We wouldn't have stoves. We wouldn't have a whole of bunch of things. I sorta wanna be a person that like when your refrigerator goes down, somebody come over and rewires it or something. I discovered the Bakken Museum of electricity and magnetism in my neighborhood. I began volunteering there to learn more about electricity. I like helping other kids as a Bakken. I like, um, teaching them different experiments and sometimes kids say: "are you a small eighth grader or something? And I'm like no, I just know a lot. And they're like, "wow". There are two kinds of electricity: Static and Current. Current electricity flows, it moves through a circuit. The electricity flows from the battery to the light bulb through the wires. That makes a circuit. See. It has to be a closed circuit for it to work. This generates static electricity and makes huge sparks. Static electricity doesn't flow, instead it builds up in one place. When I rub this balloon on my head, it makes a little bit of static. And, when I use this static generator, it makes a lot of static. I'm alive. I am gonna show you how I make this flashlight. The flashlight uses current electricity. How you make it, it is pretty easy. You need some wires, a battery, and a light bulb. And you just connect the two wires from the battery to the light bulb which makes a circuit, which makes the light go on. Good! It works! What I am going to do, is take a toilet paper roll... ...stuffing everything into the toilet paper roll. Now, we're gonna put the reflector on. You just put over your light. This is for the reflection of the flashlight. I close the circuit by squeezing it. The two metals are touching which it makes the bulb go up. I use my flashlight to look around in my house to find things. When the light lights up, you're like, oh, make a flashlight... ... it is fun to make one.

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Electric Girl PBS

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