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You are with Infinite Zone Gyu It's time to check the love among Infinite members 27 seconds! Last time I've got a shock since Hoya only got 1 question right Today I'll try to call some other members as well The rules are the same as last week Within 27 secs, if they got at least 5 quizzes related to me, songs from my new album will be played if less, other artists song chosen by pd will be played Today after a long thought, since Hoya had given me shocked I ve chosen the person who knows about me the most, who is similar to me, and who is the most available Let's try to contact him Will his color ring be my song expected, it is not Our relationship is always good like this When an album is released, at least we set them as color ring These guys.....they even pick their phone late Celebrities like us are like this wh: hi sg: hi wh: What's up Sungkyu sg: ahh hi! This is DJ sungkyu from Melon Radio Star Infinite Zone Gyu wh: Ahh I see, Ahh your voice sounds different sg: Ahh my voice.. sg: Please say hi to our listeners wh: Hi, I'm Sungkyu's left arm, Infinite Woohyun sg: Ahh my left arm! Woohyun! Brother~ wh: Shouldnt u give me some reactions sg: I ve been doing it. I guess you cant hear me well.. wh: Ahh I see sg: Woohyun, what were you doing wh: I was cleaning sg: Ahh really. Woohyun is very neat. He cleans really well wh: Yes sg: If he hadnt been a singer, he would almost have been a cleaner sg: Woohyun, have u listened to my solo album? wh: Of course! sg: Woohyun has also helped cheering me via sns wh: I have also bought the cd! sg: Wowwww as expected! I have nobody but you wh: Can you sign the album sg: Sure! But how come the color ring is not my song wh: Pardon? sg: How come the color ring is not my song wh: ahh I dont use color ring sg: I see. It s the concept right wh: yep. I dont use it sg: Could you sing a part of your favorite song from my album If you dont sing, then it s not woohyun. wh: Of sg: Course! wh: Wait a minute...I cant recall the lyrics sg: you didnt really listen to it, did you.. wh: what was it.. sg: Should I sing a little..Neoyeoyamanhaeee wh: what was that part, the bronw hair thing sg: ahh this is really shocking sg: Though Hoya got very little question last wk, he sang my song perfectly wh: kontrol kontrol sg: ahh as expected! these days woohyun is working on writing songs sg: and he just made one right now wh: oh i just improvised it~ sg: so cool~ sg: okay enough of none sense for now wh: yes sg: Today we re gonna do something special with you wh: yes sg: My song will be played or not is depending on your mission result wh: Then it's 100% will be played sg: Cause u know me well wh: Oh Sungkyu, u do know me well sg: Of course, I ve chose u sg: I ll be giving out quizzes about myself wh: Ask me anything sg: You ve to answer 5 of them in 27 secs. then you can hear my song wh: 27 secs? sg: yes sg: If less, girl group songs chosen by pd will be played wh: pd? sg: yes, there s a pd her wh: Oh i see sg: as a referrence, last week hoya got only 1 quiz correct Super shocking wh: Hahaha only one? sg: I ll think that u will get 5 wh: Sungkyu sg: Yes wh: Do you think Hoya and I are in the same rank? sg: ahh.. hahahah the ranks are different wh: of course~ sg: woohyun is the pro wh: our classes are different sg: ahh the classes are different wh: yep sg: Got cha, I ll keep my expectation high wh: yes sg: we ve only got 27 secs, so I ll give out the quizzes quickly please answer fast wh: i have to answer them within 27secs? sg: yes sg: You're ready? wh: Yes sg: Get set go! wh: Go! sg: When is sungkyu bday? wh: sg? sg: Sg's birth date month year! wh: 89428 sg: Correct! My blood type! Blood type wh: Sungkyu is type A sg: My noona name is wh: Your noona name is...sung... sg: forget it sg: My best in-class rank in school is? In-class wh: Second~ sg: In-class! wh: Third place~ sg: My drinking habit is wh: (turning into)dog! dog.. sg: Woohyun got 2 quizzes right wh: Done already? sg: 27secs are passed so quickly sg: Woohyun got 2 right. 1 more than Hoya sg: The game is over. My expectation was so high wh: Done already? sg: Yes it is done sg: Thanks to Woohyun you guys cannot listen to my songs wh: How come the questions are not fun sg: They re just related to me wh: Ahh really sg: My blood type is A, correct. My bday correct sg: My noona name is not kim sung, but it is kimjieun wh: ahh jieun noona, i know her sg: And my in-class best rank is not 2nd but 1st sg: It's a fact, I cant lie wh: I see sg: And my drinking habit is not (turning into) dog but getting a little bit aggressive sg: Other questions are..What do I wear when I sleep wh: I know those kind of stuffs! sg: what then? wh: underwear sg: ahh correct sg: My childhood dream wh: Band sg: ahh correct, singer sg: If i didnt get to be a singer, what would i have been wh: Jongwannie Hyun Fan Club Member sg: My fav animal sg: Last time I cried wh: Cried? When Jongwannie hyung scoled u sg: ahh...even though we have had time, you wouldnt get them right anyway.. wh: sorry *in a very cute way* sg: anyway, thank you wh! though you were cleaning wh: ahh sorry sg: it's okay sg: lastly, please say sorry to our fans wh: Fans that are listening, I'm truly sorry sg: yep, please reflect on yourself sg: please work hard on cleaning like this all the time wh: I got it sg: And these days wh is working hard on writing songs. Please keep on the hard work sg: we have to say goodbye to woohyun now. Annyeong~ wh: ahh it s over? sg: yes it is.. ah woohyun! wh: yes? sg: yes i'm gonna hang up now wh: oh youre gonna hang up now? i see sg: wh got 2 quizzes right... then what songs do we have to listen to? Wahh.. woohyun really...I guess we have to get closer than now Let s hear girl group songs chosen by pd ahh so sad....Automatic by Red Velvet

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