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Changement, obviously is always complicated because employees are reluctant to changement To face those points, it’s really important to implement some tools. We implemented some things, like communication. Without communication, we can’t make the changement accepted. To implement this communication, we put, at Abera, « pilotage time » meetings. 3 minutes times, 15 minutes times and 30 minutes times. 3 minutes times are exchange moments between the manager and his team, on a daily basis. Those 3 minutes allow to exchange on yesterday’s proxys but also on information given by the direction and giving feedback on important things. This feedback will be expressed during 15 minutes « pil » time, between each managers. Managers will expound all the issues of yesterday, and will bring response to questions asked by employees f there are still some questionings on some points, this will be brought to 30 minutes « pil « times. « Pil » 30, where we will find all the pillars of the company. Let’s say all the components of the direction. And then, we will take significant decisions so those decisions can come down on the next day. This is important, all those exchange times. But also, if we want to make the changement accepted, we need to involve directly the employees in what we want to change. We will implement work groups We will involve directly the employee, he will be invited to work on what he has to change, what he can change and what he will accept. Himself, if he suggests things, it’s already accepted so it’s really important. Of course, he won’t be alone, he will be accompanied by all the support functions one can have. Because it’s important to not forget about one and avoid frustrations. All this, respecting all the company’s values and the employees values, this is really important. We will implement small tools, like a simple card saying Daily, if I had an improvement to do, how can I manage it? I will simply take a card, write what I suggest on it and maybe a solution because I might have already one. It won’t necessary be fixed on the same day but after a week, a month, six months or maybe never. But what’s important is to give a feedback, saying : "if we can’t, it’s because of this »

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