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Balloon Boy's Father To CNN:

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-Richard Henne, the father of little Falcon. Richard, earlier in the show, I asked you to relay the question to Falcon... he was hiding in the garage for about four hours and I asked you to ask him why didn't he come out after he heard you and his mom and everybody else screaming for Falcon and you said to him, "Falcon, why didn't you come out?" and Falcon said, " guys said that...mmm, we did this for the show," and you said, "Mmm." What did he mean, "We did this for the show?" -Umm, I have no idea. I think he was talking about the media, they've been asking him a lot of questions, so somebody had asked him that question earlier. -(Wolf) You want to ask him now... I don't know if he can hear me... what he meant by when he said, "We did this for the show?" You want to ask Falcon? -Falcon, they want to know...umm... They want to know why you were in the attic, okay, for so long... and why you, uh... say...say it again. -(Wolf) Why he least...he said, "We did this for the show," in explaining why he didn't come out of the attic. -Umm... Yeah, let me, uh, interrupt this real quick because I think I can see the direction you guys are heading on this, because earlier, you would ask the police officers the questions... uh, the media out front... we weren't even going to do this interview. Umm...and I'm kind of appalled after all of the feelings that I went through up and down that you guys are trying to suggest something else, okay? I'm really appalled because, uh... they say out in front that this would be the end and I wouldn't have to be bothered for the rest of the week with any shows or anything. So we said, "Okay, fine, we'll do this." So, I'm kind of appalled that you guys would say something like that. You know, it's... -(Wolf) No, we're not asking anything unusual. You were asked earlier about if this was a publicity stunt. You say it wasn't, the police say it wasn't, the rescue operation say it wasn't. The only thing I just wanted to clarify why Falcon had said earlier, "We did this for the show," and I just wanted clarify, I didn't understand what he was referring to. -Well, you know, we were on "Wife Swap" a couple of times so the camera crews out there, I would imagine, they'd ask him a couple of questions in reference to this and, uh, I believe, you know, he meant something to do with that. -(Wolf) Right, and he's nodding his head for that. I don't want you to misunderstand that just asking the question doesn't mean that we're suggested anything untoward or anything like that. We're just thrilled that Falcon is alive and well and your family is together. We watched all of this play out during the course of several hours and I gotta tell you, personally as a reporter who reported that he was alive and well, it was a thrilling moment for me, 'cause I was really, really worried that I would have to report something very, very different and I was just grateful that he is just fine. You have a beautiful family there. You spent an hour talking about it with us and with the entire country. Everyone was engrossed. Everyone was watching. And we want to wish you and your wife and the three boys only the best. Thanks very much for joining us. That's it for us. Captioned by SpongeSebastian for

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Posted by: spongesebastian on Mar 29, 2010

Earlier, when discussing his hiding in the attic, Falcon Henne was heard saying, "We did this for the show."

In this clip, Wolf Blitzer brings this to the family's attention, and they are asked to elaborate.

"I have no idea," Richard said. "I think he was talking about the media."

When Wolf asks the question again, Richard says: "I think I can see the direction you guys are hedging on this... We weren't even going to do this interview... I'm kind of appalled... that you guys are trying to suggest something else." (Captioned by Sebastian for

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