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Vivre en intégrité avec Ren Hurst:Que dit la science sur l'équitation(2) (sous-titres français)

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New World sanctuary In a world where conformity rules ... ... One woman ... ... looked within ... ... and found herself ... ... ... a woman ... who became a trailblazer ... ... Living in integrity with Ren Hurst Hi, I'm Ren Hurst.I'm the author of Riding on the Power of Others and the founder and executive director of the New World SAnctuary Foundation in Southern Oregon. And i'm here today with Hickory and Harmony but he's behind the camera. Anyway, i'm going to pick up where i left off last time on the harm of riding. I was just about to go into what happens when you get on the horse's back. And so, pretty much no matter how you ride, what equipment you're riding with, if you're bareback, if you're with the best fitting saddle of all time, whatever you're using to actuaally put the weight and pressure of a rider and any equipment on the soft tissues of the horse's back, it's going to create a conpromised blood flow and that repeatedly over time and for sustained periods of time can create some tremendous damage but let's just talks about the subtle damage. So, let's assume right now i'm talking to people who demonstrate an enormous amount of care and concern for their animals and really, really don't believe that any harm is caused by riding correctly. Well, even if you do everything right and even if your horse is in the most perfect tip top physical shape, which both of those are extremely unlikely, you're still gonna create at the very least a numbing sensation in the horse's back after a little while. and so, to the very subtlest degree, it's not comfortable for them to have us up there. And it really can't be because there's no way for their back to compensate for the substantial of an amount of weight when it was never designed by nature to sustain such. There's not an animal on the planet that was designed with the idea of somebody climbing on top of them and sitting on them. I guess that could be argued but i can't imagine how that could be possible. I think the horse was designed to carry the weight of a horse and move them forward and stretch out forward to back, not deal with the pressure of someone on top of them. This is Honey again. And Boo has also joined us. ... So anyway, that's super layman's terms, super casual way to explain it but thankfully, i have great friends, like Stormy May who recently in the last couple of days put together a very expansive version of all this with all the resources included that i'm just going to direct you to because that makes the most sense. And so, if you haven't already, please go to You Tube and find the Our Horses channel. It's the same place that all of those videos are being hosted and edited. But there's a new one on there that talks about the science of harm of riding. It's about 20 minutes long, it's definitely worth watching and i'm going to try to include a link to that beneath this video that i post. and on top of Stormy's, if you haven't already seen Bite Size Vegan's version, that one's excellent also and it would direct you to most of the same resources i would have used. So, on Bite size Vegan's page, you can just search horseback riding and it should come up but i'll also include a link to that when i post this. and, if you want, you can just watch my horses abuse me for a minute. ... While this is happening, it's a good opportunity for me to show how boundaries are set. So Boo is using me to scratch his face and i don't have to allow that and so what boundary setting looks like to me now is just that, what you saw me just do. He started rubbing on me, i moved just out of his way. He's going to try it again, i'll just dodge him a bit and i'll just back up and within a few moments he's going to stop. That goes completely against everything i was taught in the horse training world about teaching a horse to take advantage of me. If you notice, he just took a step back simply because i was patient, i indicated what i did not want him to do without making him wrong in any way. I didn't harm him, i didn't do anything to judge his behaviour. His behaviour is entirely acceptable because that what he's doing. And it must make sense to him or he wouldn't do it. So all you have to do to get a horse to respect your boundaries is respectfully place boundaries, such as what i just did, just moving out of the way and worst case, if i had a really, really pushy horse, a really young immature horse, i would turn around and leave the pasture. And that might be frustrating but i'd get over it and the next time i'd come back he'd learned something and it's really is that simple, it's really, really is that simple. So hopefully, that's helpful to any of you wanting to learn how to get your horses to to respect your space without training or hurting them in some way. And if you notice, most of these horses have now learned that they can be this close without actually causing me any harm and it's just a little communication, it's really, really simple. So, that's all i've got today, i'm about to head into the wilderness for 5 days and deal with all that new attention that's one me and i will see you guys again next week. Thanks a bunch.

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