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Now... if you drive by yourself without a roadmap.. you don't know what is just next building.. to get there, you may go round the world and get there.. or in the process of going round the world, you may just get lost or fall dead yes? Not everybody has the endurance to complete the journey of that kind which is of uncertain duration, isn't it? Or you go with a roadmap.. somebody has told you this is it..this is it..this is it.. you do just that and go with a roadmap.. still it's your effort but somebody's guidance another way is, somebody's going there.. you can see that this person is going in the right direction.. so you just follow him Another way Another way is, you don't even trust you following him because one moment, you want to go to the bathroom.. by then he will be gone so you just get onto his bus Now anyway you go there.. no effort from your side But... there are different aspects of you You want to go yourself..because there is a certain aspect of you which want to do things..isn't it? All of you.. If I ask you why are you working this hard? You say.. What,shouldn't we live? Dont I need food? Shouldn't I feed my children, my wife? Do one thing.. I will give them a roof And I will give you food You don't do simply sit Okay? You, your wife, your children.. I will feed them I will give them a roof over their head.. You don't do anything Just sit quietly Possible? You will go crazy You will want to do many things..isn't it? So there is something in you which wants to do things Till that urge is very strong, then you do your own driving If you are sensible, use the road map. Otherwise, get lost for a while, here and there, do all kinds of crazy things When you see, you are not getting anywhere ask for a roadmap With a roadmap also, you can get very confused and lost then you drive behind somebody If you are doing well that way fine..if you are not doing well that way, even there you are getting lost then you just get onto somebody's bus Now, even if you sleep, you will go This means that you've to keep yourself aside If you've to get onto somebody's bus you have to keep yourself completely aside Your personality will not pass You have to just sit You don't decide How fast to drive what to do, how to swing the bus No..isn't it? You just sit If he stops, you stop with him If he goes, you go with him This is one way of journeying But you want to drive your own vehicle Then it involves risks..isn't it? It involves various things So what is it that you are ready for, is something that you've to decide These four ways I am talking about are just - Bhakti, Gnana, Karma, Kriya Do you understand? You want to do your own thing 100 percent.. you dont want to depend on anybody This is Kriya You want to take a roadmap and go - Gnana You want to follow somebody else's bus - Karma You just want to sit in somebody else's bus and go, you dont mind not being the driver Bhakti What are you ready for right now? You must see that What I see is, before you come to just getting into somebody's bus you must go through all those things Otherwise you'll sit in the bus and want to drive it You'll sit in the backseat and want to drive it Isn't it? Most of the time.. That won't be good Before you settle down in the seat You should exhaust the other aspects Then only you can settle down So how do you know the bus is going in the right direction? That's a big question How do you know this bus is really going there? You really don't know..actually You have no way of knowing also This is just that If you notice...that the driver or the bus seem to be travelling a different kind of terrain than you know then you must get onto it and try it If you look at the driver you feel very threatened but still you want to be there That means you must get onto the bus If you are very comfortable You are very pleased with the driver You like the driver very pleasant..dont get onto the bus because he belongs to your realm That's why you like him so much He is just like you If you sit with someone and for no reason you are uncomfortable you are threatened at the same time, you still want to be there That means, you've found your Guru Do you understand? His ways are normal But his energies are abnormal Anything that you dont understand is abnormal..isnt it? That's physics..and that's God So..take your time But when you feel you've done enough get onto the bus When you still think, you need to do this and that if you get onto the bus you'll sit in the backseat and try to drive..that won't work

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 Sadhguru explains the various ways for one to attain enlightenment. "With people, without people, just get there. Somehow get there, how doesnt matter. Somehow get to the place where everything glows within." (AO52)

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