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DER também lança edital para pista de acesso à Terceira Ponte sobre o Canal Bigossi

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For Terminal System of Vila Velha Transcol circulate daily about 87 thousand people, now the space will be modernized and expanded Offering more comfort to thousands of users Saturday, May 14, Governor Renato Casagrande signed the order of service that marks the beginning of construction of the terminal Transcol Vila Velha were also present at the ceremony, the Secretary of State for Transport and public works Fabio Daniels, Vice Governor Givaldo Vieira the Mayor of Vila Velha Neucimar Fraga, the Director of DER and other authorities Let's humanize this terminal, modernize it, already in accordance with the new concepts terminal as Itaparica, as Jacaraipe, as new terminals System Transcol as bicycle racks, parking, new stalls. An adaptation to receive this new system of bus lanes. An adaptation to receive this new system of bus lanes. The works include the creation over a covered deck, creating more than 8 points in bus stop Access to the terminal through the streets of Europe and Luciano Neves will also be modified to facilitate entry and exit of vehicles. Improving the movement of passengers will be built new access and extended the areas of loading and unloading. Will also be built new stores, toilets, baby change room and for the drivers. For the safety of the terminal points will be installed emergency lighting and video surveillance cameras. Here we will expand the capacity the terminal and we will give more power people that use this terminal. There are over six million reais of investments. We will increase by more than 2,500 square feet of terminal area, Here we will expand the possibilities for faster service and greater comfort for users. Mass transit has to be priority and priority for investment must have the State Government. During the ceremony the State Government also launched the tender to hire the second stage of road works that will interconnect the third bridge Lindemberg Carlos Avenue, bigossi canal. This is also a way to improve the mobility of people not only transportation but also in general, who has his car, your car, and needs to move around in Greater Victoria, and particularly in Vila Velha which is the largest city in the state of Espirito Santo.

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Posted by: danilosimoes on May 17, 2011

Governador autoriza obras de reforma e ampliação do Terminal do Transcol de Vila Velha e anuncia mais investimentos

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