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Jacque Fresco - Developing Mental Control (1975)

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You can read all the books on control of the nervous temperament. One who gets angry chucks around his shit. The luxury of being able to live that way requires that you can't work on a railroad track. A guy says "Jesus Christ, you call this scrambled eggs? Your eggs have been sitting there; they're cold". He can't say that a man is temperamental if he honestly doesn't have enough energy to be reasonable. "Yes you're right sir"; very hard to develop that attitude, because people come at you. Most of us, or I should say some of us here, can carry a bag of shit that high. A guy can bitch about the eggs, his woman says "My God the sun's coming through the windows. They ought to do something about these trains, this is awful. Can I get a seat on the other side", you know, "especially if the seats are reserved. I don't think they are yet". You can afford to take like 16 complaints a day, but if it was 104 calls, eyeballs roll up, even with loath in his face, [Laughter] because in the real world a lot of people would walk out there and say "Wonder what Fresco would think of me now, yelling at this old guy in his face". You'd even look at yourself and laugh when you go in the other room and say "I guess I'm some kind of jerk". You're not some kind of jerk. You're subject to genuine worldly pressures. So, the question again is ... It doesn't matter how many years you come to these sessions; what does matter is what's pushing you out there, how many corrugated fingers are up your ass, with thorns on the end of the corrugation, moving up and down. And that is why people have difficulty, because they must exit this place into the real world. The only thing you can do, and a dangerous thing for people that come to these sessions, is they might be able ... Here's what I do if I find that I am now able to take 16 bits of horseshit per day ... I've learned to do that; first I can only take four, then I blow my stack, and now I can take 16. The trouble is, when I take 16 now, I'm still alright, so I'll take a little more, because I'm that well adjusted. And I take on more. Now I'm super uptight because I surpassed the limit of my ability to handle stress. The trouble with some of us, is we do make progress but we take on more. We extend ourselves more. See, if you find you can write 20 pages a day, then say "Jeez, I think I'll go 40 a day," and by the end of the day you will be like that. If you can do 20 conveniently and you just did 22. Don't go pushing yourself because then you can get to hate writing. You can write yourself right out of existence. Like I said to some people here, when you've got a painting, and you paint the scene of the ocean, and you say "Gee that's a beautiful ocean scene. I think I'll add little more blue, a little more yellow", you can paint the picture right out so that it becomes a lemon. There are people that would over-paint the thing out of existence. You think you know what I mean? All right. You can over-correct script 'til it becomes shit. If you'll be so finicky, that every line has to be changed continuously, then you can write yourself right out. Why? As a person that has arrived at a state of a high degree of emotional proficiency you must learn what your ease point is. If you can take 18 problems a day, well, stay at 18 and get off. Tomorrow you're great, you can handle anything. In fact, if you can stay at 15, you're even wiser. Okay? Sometimes we start out with a high level of energy, so "Ah, this is my day"; at a high level energy. Then you go into a tub of horseshit because you got a higher level of energy. And you exhaust yourself, because the judgement you made in the early morning: because I feel so great, I expose myself to horseshit in excess of that which I can take. So whenever you make a judgement at a high energy level, I suggest when somebody calls you, and suggests something to you, say call me back at four o'clock, and I'll let you know. And because, in great enthusiasm, you might make a decision that you don't care for. I'll be right back to something you said. Continued.

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Posted by: ltiofficial on Oct 7, 2012

A short clip from Fresco's Classic Lecture Series, (1a) "Optimum Tools"- February 2, 1975.

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