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Things Kids Lie About

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I don't know whose that is ma That's not mine No! We don't have school today, its a PA day NO! We have a late start today No. We didn't get report cards yet I didn't do it I'll clean my room when I get back, I promise Yeah mom, when you coming home? No reason, I'm just asking I'm just asking, no reason yeah, yeah I'm talking to RJ what's up I'm talking to Sandy, mom Sandy, I'll call you back Yeah, I need the money for books I didn't break it, it was like that when I saw it I swear to god, every single person in the class failed too I'm cleaning my room! Dad, I don't know what happened Someone must have scratched my car in the parking lot Mom, I'm going to stay over at Kelly's today, OK? She needs help with homework I don't even know why my phone bill is this expensive Like, I didn't even make half of these calls What?! He's just a friend We have a group project together Mom, I'm going to the library Oh my god, its fake It's fake! It's fake Yeah mom, I'm at work, I can't talk Um sir, that will be $4.99 Mom, I can't talk, I got to go Yeah, tax included, ok bye Its just orange juice Yeah mom, her parents are home, I swear, yes They're just in the wash room right now What?! I swear, I didn't even get your call, Look Mom, mom I'm going to be home in 5 minutes, I'm in the car Yeah, I'm literally turning onto the street right now What? where? I cut myself while shaving Oh my god, I think I have a rash You know what dad, I think a bee stung me Mom, its an all girls trip, no boys, no alcohol, no fun Yeah, her parents will be there I... I fell No, I don't have any homework today Lilly, Lilly, you sleeping? Yeah, sorry, what's that?

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Posted by: heheha102 on Jun 10, 2015

Things Kids Lie About

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