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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India - Kannada (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~07:31:10 - 07:46:27

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Satya... Be careful, it's hot. Please sit. Very beautiful mountain. You speak Hebrew? I speak Hebrew, yes. How old are you? Eighteen Eighteen... Nice nice... You know English, good. Did you learn in school? No I learnt from tourists. By tourist! oh! Speaking. I speak a little French also. What more do you know of Hebrew? Still didn't know. You know round boat Boat! Boat! Round Boat. Do you know round boat? Boat! To cross the river. This one. This is small, round one. They drive by hand, not by motor. But this one, no motor, it's hand driven...with a stick. I already.... buy. Thank you! Welcome! How long are you staying in Hampi? How long? Tomorrow I go. Oh! Missing Hampi. I'm here... from Sunday to Monday. Ah! It's one week, tomorrow. Tommorrow afternoon It's going to be one week. Israel? You're leaving today, that means. I live in Israel. From Hampi you're going to go today. From Hampi I go to Bombay... From Bombay.. I go to Monday night. Back to work. Finish India. Dream? Your dream's come true again. If you have luck you can come back. I'm 70 years. But you look young, no problem. I'm young in my...-- face. But who knows? But I want to come again. Coming again? If you come again, please meet You staying this side or in the North? This side. Yes yes. I don't like the other side, it's not enough Relaxing, that one. But one can relax also here. Here also place -- enough places to relax. And if you want a little Hot? This is local cold water. I want to be able to come again. Yeah. If you drink that, I think you wont be able to fly. everything OK should we continue going down? This way. What is the next plan? Next we are going to go to the temple so we have to go this way. Yeah down there. We go there, we see this temple and afterwords we go round by the river path. It takes around 1 hour, 1½ hour more. Then we go back there? Yeah, we go like this, see the temple there? We go like this, behind the mountain and back to the market. We'll go inside the temple? the afternoon, O.K.? After this we'll go to the market. I'll give you a break to take a shower or have breakfast, anything. You took many pictures, I think, eh? Not so many because I need to save some space if I want more. Today you'll take more, because I'll take you to many more view points. Light is good now. There's smoke over there. Yeah fire, because yesterday there was a wedding there. They threw banana leaves and made a fire. Look, the Russian people are already down there, in front of the police station. They're walking very fast. I told you they would go to see the temple. They've come by car, by the know the road by the canal. They dropped them here, the tourists will come this way, they'll see the sunrise, go back to see the temple and the elephant. After that they'll take the car and continue on their way. They're fast. Russians are very fast. Some people are good, some people are very bad. Some people are mafia people also. I heard 3 weeks ago, in Gokharna, some German people came here. One Russian guy beat many policemen in Shivaratri, at midnight. They told me and....I didn't see. In the middle of the bridge they had a fight. With a big knife he cut a policeman. They said he was very drunk. Today it's not windy. Early morning, walking by the road next to the plantation, you get a fresh breeze. It's good for the health, for the heart. This guy's climbing up after the sunrise. One of the guys climbed up after the sunrise...I mean tourist, he missed it. Bye. See you. We'll see in the evening. Did you pay for the tea ? You've to pay him. He works hard, not like others. I don't know if I have small change. Shall we go? Yes, boss. Early is very good. Look: monkeys. Where? Hugging over there. One here, one there. One in the corner.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 14 seconds
Country: India
Language: English
Producer: Srikumar Venkatraman
Director: Rahul V. Chittella
Views: 131
Posted by: globallivesindia on May 30, 2009

Muttu chats with Satya over a cup of black tea. They soon begin to walk down the hill to the Achituraya Temple.

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