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Beyond Today: Death of Darwinism

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Charles Darwin, the father of modern evolution still cast his shadow of ideas over the entire world. Was he a biased manipulator of the real facts of biology? You may not realize it, but Darwin’s ideas probably affect your thinking. Are you biased and misinformed about the facts? Did you know that Charles Darwin was not a scientist and didn’t claim to be? He actually had a degree in theology -- the study of God! He popularized a new philosophy of naturalism. He claimed that over time, simple life forms would change to other complex forms - such as bear to a whale. Today, Darwin’s claims about evolutionary change have been disproved by genetics. It's true - natural selection shows slight variation within a species, but no species ever changes to a different species. Darwin was wrong. Your Bible is right. In Genesis 1 it tells us that all species come from their own kind and cannot cross that boundary. Science proves this to be true. Geology, the fossil record, and the truth about cell structure, its mechanisms and its inability to spontaneously change all show Darwin’s premise was simply false. Darwin himself said, if later discoveries proved him wrong, we must throw out his theory. Well, it’s time to toss the untrue. We must reject wrong ideas. Some intellectuals act as if the God of the Bible is dead. But, in reality it’s Darwin and his theory who have died, not God. Don’t believe in a religion of random chance. Don’t let a false philosophy manipulate your thinking. Look into the truth of your Bible. There is a Creator God who made all things including you. He has an incredible future for you beyond anything offered by the emptiness of evolutionary theories. For Beyond Today, I'm Steve Myers.

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Posted by: beyondtodaytv on Apr 30, 2008

Examine the real truth behind Darwinism.

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