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ACCADEMIA CITTERIO DELLA SALUMERIA ITALIANA It is the only alpine territory throughout Lombardy, so it’s peculiar in this sense. We have very different types In just a few kilometers. We also have peculiar climates which vary from one area to the other but, let’s say, within limited distances. Around the Seventeenth century we find the first mentions on bresaola. It is a beef cold cut which is part of the vast range of dried meats that characterizes the Alps. It is a product that we, in our families, have always eaten. Just looking at it, you can see it’s a very natural product, a very healthy product. Starting from the natural spices, blended by us, with a dosage we decided. Well, let’s say that each manufacturer has a secret recipe, which is the focal point of each company, of each large factory and of each small manufacturer. Just by smelling it you can understand how many things are instilled by the salting process. We call it the “preserving process” which is the marinade where we put the bresaola to rest for a few days before aging it. The raw material selection: it all starts in the breeding farms, you need to have the right livestock. The supervisor says: “This is suited, this isn’t”. There’s only one secret: to preserve the quality. During the salting process, the meat gets darker and is then inserted into breathable nets and transferred to the aging facilities. In the morning, when the air is pure, when it comes from the mountain, we air the facility. By taking the air from the outside environment we recreate the microclimate that is typical of the Valtellina. Thanks to our experience we can understand, by touching the product, if the aging phase is complete. It is a natural development. It has a very well-liked flavor and this is why, from a domestic cold cut, it has become a product diffused throughout the world. And it’s also very easy to digest. Bresaola is suitable for any age. You just need to eat it. It’s really good. ITALIA EXPO MILANO 2015 CITTERIO

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