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A Hero Comes Home

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♪ music ♪ [AARP] [Real Possibilities] [outside noises, birds, cars] ♪ music ♪ ♪ music continues ♪ [bicycle chain clicking] [pedaling noises] [In 2009, Cory Remsburg was wounded by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.] [It was his 10th tour overseas.] [He was 26 years old.] [Kay Wing] The average age in our facility is 39. Stroke and brain injury happen to young people, and old people, [Kay Wing, SWAN Rehab] and it is no respecter of persons. [Sarah Sharp] How was St. Paddy's Day? [Sarah Sharp] [SWAN Rehab] >> Mundane. >> Mundane! [Kay Wing] While Cory is here at Swan Rehab, He gets physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, and he's here several hours per day. [Sarah Sharp] Good job Cory. Oh! All right! [laughing] [Cory Remsburg] Got to work on the hook— [Sarah Sharp] Got to work on the hook shot, that's right. [Kay Wing] Kurt cultivated cucumbers. [Cory Remsburg] Kurt cultivated cucumbers. [Kay Wing] There are more tools. There's technologies coming out all of the time, but nothing takes the place of good, old, solid work. Nice lift. Good. Oh, I can't keep up with you; you're too fast. [Cory Remsburg] I would like a wife, a kid, [repeated in onscreen text] a college degree. The enemy has, in a way, won if I give up. [Kay Wing] Here he is walking 4 months ago. How slow he is— I mean— just look how unstable he is. [car noises] [gravel crunching] Excellent! The first time on this 1/3 mile route it took him a full hour, and today we're going to do it in 25 minutes and no rests. The patients who make a great deal of progress like Cory is making have family support. [Annie Remsburg] Cory very much wants total independence, [Annie Remsburg] [Stepmother] to be able to live on his own. So we felt that it would do Cory good to have a service dog. Cory's been working with Dogs for Vets. [Cory Remsburg] Don't give up. You can overcome anything [repeated in onscreen text] with the right attitude. I see the end. I can touch it. So that pushes me on. [Camera/ Edit] [Jesse Schluntz] [Producer] [Caitlin Elizabeth Peters] ♪ music fades ♪

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Posted by: aarp on May 28, 2014

A day in the life of Cory Remsburg with his therapy and his family and dog training.

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