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Wired NextMusic

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Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the open sharing of information. To celebrate CC's work in promoting remix culture and the vitality of the public domain, Wired hosted a Creative Commons benefit concert, featuring artists that embody the spirit of "read/write" culture. Welcome to Next Music! As far as I know it's an organization that's kind of, a viewpoint that people should be licensing their material to be openly, to be able to be reworked by the public my album, like, samples over 200 songs in 40 minutes. In order to try to get the licensing for that, first of all you'd have to be a billionaire to put out this album so it seems ridiculous to me that there's a form of music and art that is limited in release by your status financially. And Creative Commons is all about remixing. It's about sharing culture And what you just saw with Girl Talk was one guy and 150 samples making magic on stage. I'm familiar with Creative Commons, they reached out to me a long time ago and I really like what they do because it's in tune with what I'm doing with music as well. The only roadblock is that people want to get paid. If you're going to release something and make your money off of it, people want to get paid because they're a part of it. You know, everybody wants to get their money wherever they can. I read the Wired issue on the airplane on the way from Sweden, the one with Beck on the cover The way I live and the way I work and the way I make music is way different than what Beck was writing about, you know? My whole career has been finding alternative ways to reach people. It's all fair game as far as I'm concerned. The more raw material the better, you know? Whether that's recording the subway train or taking a James Brown snare. I'm all for it and I really don't see anything too bad in it. Just do something with it! So Creative Commons gives artists free tools to mark their creativity with the freedom they want it to carry. There are 140 million objects marked with this freedom and that's the movement that's necessary to change this world the world where Girl Talk is a crime This should be Creative Commons' slogan: get the lawyers the fuck out of the way and let the artists create! NextMusic offers fans a chance to see and hear what's next in the world of music All ticket sales from the sold out event were donated directly to Creative Commons.

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Posted by: creativecommons on Jul 25, 2007

In September 2006, Wired and Flavorpill hosted a sold-out concert in New York with all proceeds donated to Creative Commons. The show celebrated creative reuse and featured mash-up/remix artist Girl Talk, DJ/producer Diplo, and experimental pop supergroup Peeping Tom. Missing Pieces created this mini-documentary about the event, which also features Lawrence Lessig and Chris Anderson. (Licensed under CC BY-NC).

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