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Captioned Children's Message 7-19-09 Zion Ev. Lutheran, WELS, Torrance, CA

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Pastor Dave has asked the children to come forward for the Children's Message this Sunday morning. As the children get settled around him, he greets them: Good Morning, everybody. Hey, let's ... should we try that again. Okay ... Good morning, everybody! Good Morning, Pastor! Is everybody good today? (Yes, they say.) Are you sure? I don't know. Everybody seems kind of quiet today. Kind of a quiet day. Who would like to look in the Purple Bag this morning and see what we have? Jenna, do you want to look in the Purple Bag? Here we go. Hi Viv. C'mon, sit right here. What do we have, Jenna? Jenna is quiet. Don't know what it is? How about we open it up and maybe smell it? Does it smell good? Jenna says: Yes. Now do you know what it is? You want to smell? It smells like perfume ... You know, it isn't though. It's soap. Umm ... What kind of soap is it? You know what it smells like? Pineapple soap! Caleb murmurs: Shower gel. Oh, it's shower gel ... yes, well it's soap, too. Yeah. So you know what you can do with this? It smells really good, doesn't it? How 'bout you guys come over to my house and I'll make you an ice cream and pineapple sundae? And we can put this on ice cream. (Yuck!) Why? It SMELLS good. (It would taste gross!) It would taste gross. It's unedible. That's right! Because it's soap! And you can't EAT soap! That's not what it was made for. Then we're not gonna be using it right. That's what we're gonna talk about in our sermon today ... It's using something right! We're gonna talk about honoring Jesus. If we'd HONOR this soap, we'd use it to wash ourselves off and get all the dirt off, not eat it. To honor Jesus, we use Him for what He's been intended for, We hear His Word, we obey His Word, we tell others about His Word. That means that we honor Jesus. Can you guys think of a Commandment that talks about honoring someone? One of the Commandments ... Caleb? (The one about honoring our father and mother?) Right! What's some ways we can honor our father and mother? What would be honoring our father or mother? Caleb? (Caleb responds). That's exactly right and we do the same thing when we honor Jesus. We do our chores which He tells us are the things that He wants us to do in His Word, and we listen to what He has to say. So that's what we're gonna learn today in our sermon. That we're gonna follow Jesus and we're gonna honor Him. We're gonna use Him in the right way ... and for the right purposes. Okay? Okay? All right, you guys can go back to your moms and dads and we'll join together in this morning's sermon hymn.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 25 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: hischild on Jul 20, 2009

In this closed-captioned message, Pastor Dave explains what it means to honor a person and how we can honor Jesus in our daily lives.

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