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SPEAKER 1: Okay Uzma, what else are you cooking? SPEAKER 2: I am making Paratha and tea. SPEAKER 1: Okay. How do you make it? What all things do you add to it? What are the benefits? SPEAKER 2: I take the flour. Then I add salt to it. Along with salt, I add a little bit of clarified butter. I put some flour on it and then make balls from it. I fold it properly and then make balls with it. Then, I make the usual balls and then roll it with a rolling pin. Then I put it on the pan. SPEAKER 1: Okay. SPEAKER 2: It is just that it is tasty and soft in the inside. Wheat is anyway quite beneficial. It contains fiber. It contains everything and I feel that wheat is necessary. SPEAKER 1: Why do you think it is necessary? What are its benefits? SPEAKER 2: I feel that there are a lot of benefits in wheat. SPEAKER 1: What benefits are there? SPEAKER 2: It contains vitamin, fiber, and everything else. It is good for kids. Why only kids, it is good for even adults. It also contains iron. It contains calcium and vitamin. It contains vitamin A, D, E, all the vitamins. SPEAKER 1: Okay. Does the child eat it happily? SPEAKER 2: Yes, he eats it very happily. SPEAKER 1: Okay, you will make Paratha SPEAKER 1: and what else did you say you'll make with it? SPEAKER 2: Tea. SPEAKER 1: How will you make it? SPEAKER 2: Just the usual way. I take a little water. I add sugar and tea leaves to it. When it starts to boil, I add milk to it. I allow it to boil for a little while and then pour it in a cup. I break the Paratha into tiny bits and pieces and dip it into the tea. When it becomes slightly softer, I feed it to the baby. SPEAKER 1: Okay, then show us how to make it. SPEAKER 2: Let's go. SPEAKER 1: Okay.

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Posted by: bigsofalive on Jan 18, 2018

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