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The Cup (Phorpa)

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Watch out! Geko's coming. What is it, are you ill? You've been packing again. There's not much point. Where should I put this? Any news about the two boys from Tibet? None. You asked just yesterday. They should be here by now. I hope there's been no trouble. Things are getting worse here every day. It's now a crime to possess a photo of the Dalai Lama. So, with all this in my heart, I send my younger brother and son to your monastery. May the power of my devotion and Buddha's blessings. guide them safely over the border to you. I've read the letter before. I hope there hasn't been a problem at the border. We're powerless. There's nothing we can do. Shall I ask for another prediction? Yes, that's a good idea. Okay, but he's a loony and his place stinks. Geko's coming. I found this on the way here. I thought you might like it. Can you do another prediction? We're worried about the two boys from Tibet. But we've already done that. So what? Do it again. You just want a good result. We have enough... salt, tea. We need butter and milk. Get some vegetables, too. And don't hang about as you usually do. Greetings. Greetings. Welcome. You took so long. We were worried you'd got caught. We had problems at the border. So these are the two. Yes. Come and help with the luggage. Let's go and see the abbot. He's waiting. Bow down. Your hat. I hope the trip wasn't hard. Not too bad. You're so small. Sit. I was worried about your journey. It's good you've arrived. And then? We had to avoid Nepalese border guards. I hear they's turning back Tibetan escapees. They're even raping Tibetan women. Please have tea and tsampa. It's not as good as in Tibet, but help yourself. Is there rice in Tibet now? Yes, it's Chinese rice. Apart from that rotten rice, they haven't brought anything decent. A girl named Lhamo died in the recent uprising in Lhasa. Her parents wish the monastery to have these earrings. That's so sad. And then? Well, their parents really wish for them to become monks and study Buddhism. Nyima's mother is very poor. She gave me this watch to sell in case he needs money. Remember, India has the densest population on earth, but they still make room for us Tibetans. So you should study hard now that you're here. Yes, you must study hard, listen to the abbot and geko and follow the rules. Yes, that's right. You keep the watch and take good care of it. It's late. It's time for your ordination. Have a safe journey. Do you have to go back to Tibet again? Yes, I'm leaving next weed to bring out two girls. It's so dangerous. Well, their parents' olny wish is that they live near the Dalai Lama and study. You're in good hands now. You're very lucky. Observe the rules and study hard. Wake up! Let's go! Hey, come and push the taxi. It's time for your ordination. You're now taking refuge in the Buddha. You too. (This is your buddhist name.) (Brazil vs Argentina) The way he kicked that ball! It was incredible... Hey, come here. What are you up to now? I saw you at the ceremony. Go and wash the monks' robes. Shave these boys' hair and help them with their robes. By the way, Palden is sharing you room, Orgyen. Nyima will be with the young monks. Do you know why we shave our heads? So girls will think we're ugly. But it doesn't help. They're so painfully beautiful. It's not fair. Is it true that you only bathe once in your life in Tibet? No, we wash every New Year. We Tibetans in India wash every day. You've got a lot to learn from us. Lodo, are you coming tonight? Are you nuts? Geko will punish us. Then you must come tomorrow. Why? France is playing. So what? France is the only country that loyally supports Tibet. How about America? They're scared shitless of China. No, I don't mean politics. Are they playing football? You're just asking that because your American sponsor sends $ 3 a month. Does India play? They were kicked out. They got caught bribing a referee. Don't move. I'm having a bath. You'll get used to it. It's a 2500-year-old fashion. You can talk! Look at you. Your fashion is melting. There, that's fine. Let's send this back to China. Now you're free. Leave him alone. Let's go. Wait. Do a prediction for us, lama. Can't you see I'm busy? At least say prayers for France. Are they sick? They're playing football tomorrow. It's waste of prayers. Come on. Let's go. Let's show them their rooms. This is my shrine. What is all this? This one, he's Ronaldo. His head is shaved but he's not a monk. Anyway, one night we'll take you to a game. This is where you sleep. Your son and brother have reached here safely. They are both in excellent health. They where admitted to the monastery as soon they arrived. And their studies have already begun. Keep on reciting. Let's see the other one. Be happy with that one. Come on, please. Okay, but just look Not touching. Quick! Geko! Hey, Orgyen... Come on, get up. Did he go last night? I don't know. I fell asleep. Come on. Get up. Get up. How was the game last night? Wow! That Brazilian missed by just that much. It hit the post. You should have been here. You missed such a good game. You're carrying the incense. Who, me? Hurry up. Butter tea, butter tea... You should have seen Ronaldo. He missed by this much. You're so unlucky you missed that game. Who was playing? Brazil, you dummy! Well, why didn't you tell me! I'm definitely going tonight. How about you? Are you coming tonight, Palden? Who's playing tonight? France and Italy. I'm coming. I bet Italy will win. No way. Want to bet? Why not? What's the bet? If you lose, you do my cooking shift. Okay, everyone heard that, didn't they? "Long live Paraguay!" "Victory to Germany!" Let's get a prediction. Isn't that cheating? What? Can you do a prediction? For what? A football match. What's that? Just tell me! Who'll win? France or Italy? Is there a war? Phew! You smell. Let's go. Now what? Goodness, the things people ask these days. Don't worry. She'll be okay. Orgyen, Orgyen... Geko's not asleep yet. What's taking him so long? When does it start? Very soon. We have to hurry. We can't ride the bikes through the short cut. Are you sure this is a good idea? What if they find out? They won't find out. What if they do? They'll kill us. Why not watch it during the day? It's something to do with the world not being flat. Anyway, you're Tibetan. You wouldn't understand. You guys arrange the blankets as a decoy. Look, he's asleep. Let's go. Wait. Make sure he's asleep. We must go. We'll miss the national anthem. Who cares? It's not the Tibetan anthem. Do you think that will ever happen? Let's go. Where is that ox, anyway? We were supposed to meet at the gate. How did you ever escape the Chinese? You're the experts at this. Stop it. Let's go. What's going on? Someone has to be in front of the goalkeeper before the opponent arrives. It's called offside, offside. What happened? Come on. Come on. That's it! Hey, shut up in front. Why is he holding the ball? If the ball goes past the white lines, they can throw it back with their hands. Where's he kicking the ball? There's no one there. Shut up, will you? Why? You can't speak English anyway. We want to hear the crowd. Come on, come on. Come on, Maldini, come on. Yes, that's it! Yes, that's it! Sit down! Missed it! Yes, that's it. That's it! Come on! I told you to sit down. Leave him alone. He's done nothing to you. You and your friends get out. Please don't. I'll be quiet. Don't be so hard on them. Me? What did I do? Get rid of those monks. You can't throw us out. We've paid. So what? Here. Well, I won the bet. What? The game's not over But my team was winning. Nah, they don't even know how to pass properly. Orgyen, is anyone there? Bad new. We're done for. Oh no, we've had it. Tomorrow we'll be boiled alive. What are you doing out here? Watching the moon? What's kept you out so late? I have no choice but to tell the abbot tomorrow. It didn't take long to corrupt your new room-mate, did it? Incredible... Will he really tell the abbot? Don't worry. He won't send you back to the chinese. What is it? What happened? Did you all lose the bet? Shup up! This butter is rotten. So what do we do? Do they know you've told me? I don't think so. I just threatened to tell you. Well, don't let them know. Or we'll never be able to discipline them Disciplining monks is hard, especially now. Even our newcomer, Palden, has fallen in with them. Why especially now? It's the World Cup. What's that? Two civilised nations fighting over a ball. You must be joking. So there's violence? Sometimes. How about sex? Don't worry, there's no sex. How do you know all this? Who wrote this stuff? And what are these? Prayer flags, I suppose. If only you put this much energy into your studies. Look, if you go out again at night, you'll be expelled. And you, you and you... Do the cooking for a month. As you're new, you're excused... this time. Do you understand? Do you miss your mother? Yes. Do you miss your pet rabbit? Who do you miss more? Hi. Daydreaming or what? Homesick? Well, I have no home to miss. This is the only thing I care about. Here. What is it? It's rubber sweet from America. I hear everything in America is made of rubber, even their faces and breasts. See. Like these. Is that the watch your mother gave you? Here, let me see. Do you want to sell it? Looks like we all lost the bet. Good timing. We've done most of the work. Now what? Can I have some hot water? Yuk! So dirty! You should clean it. I'll get some washing powder. This isn't Tibet, it's India. If you don't wash, you'll get sick... and your predictions won't work. Here, let me do it. Here. Here. Now go. We have important things to do. Did you go to the post office? Any letters for me? No, but I have good news. What? Tonight is the final. Can't you forget football for a minute? But it's the final. If we miss this, it won't come for another four years. What do you think? I don't know. But I'll tell you one thing... I hate cooking while you research football. We've missed two semi-finals. Yes, that's true. I'm definitely going tonight. If you do, you'll be gone forever. Don't you remember what geko said? Very good. That's enogh for today. Hey, I've got an idea. Let's ask geko if we can watch the game here. You mean in the monastery? You must be crazy. They'd never agree. Maybe. Their worry is us going out at night. It's not the football. Have you gone nuts? And besides... And besides... we can make all sorts of promises. Like what? Cooking for six lifetimes? No, like how we'll study hard, we won't skip classes... Think about it. What do you think? I don't know. Instead of our picnic day, we could have a TV night. That's a good idea. Let's ask. Hang on. Wait. Where will we get a TV? An Indian guy rents them. You didn't just think of this, did you? Where will we get money? We'll worry about that later. You stay here. Why me? Do you want to ask geko instead? You go first. You do it. It's your idea. Geko... Try again. Yes, what do you want? Okay, come in. Have you spoken to our new boys? Yes. I have a request to make. What they're saying is... If they could get a TV and could just watch this one game, the final game, they'll promise to study harder and behave a lot better. Look how silly I am. I thought our being exiles wouldn't last this long. I wanted... to show these photos back home, to show them that in America there are bulidings hundreds of storeys high. Otherwise, they would never believe me. Also, they would never believe me if I were to tell them that these came off a bird's arse. Look, as you can see, I'm always packed, ready to return to Tibet. I've become old now and I don't think I shall ever return. I need to give up this attachment to my homeland. Do you think these young monks will ever know what Tibet was really like? Anyway, what were you saying? When's the fight? What fight? The two nations fighting over this ball. Oh, that. I think it's around midnight. What a strange time to fight. What do they get out of this? A cup. A cup... Mmm... What's taking them so long? The game's tonght and we've got a lot to do. We might not even get permission. Whose idea was this? How about money? Money for the TV? We'll collect money from the monks. When is the game? Tonght. Now, don't make a big deal out of this. Okay. What did they say? Yes! Really? You go back to the kitchen. What about you? We're collecting money. Unless you want to. We really must hurry. You collect from the others and meet me in my room. What's happening? Do you have any money? I guess not. What for? Hey, how much do you have? How much did you get? Here. Wow, you're very generous. Is this all you've got? How much do we have, then? About two hundred. That's not enough. Let's go and collect more. Will you help us carry the TV tonight? Where from? You go that way, Lodo. I already did. Go again! We need more money. Try him. He's got lots. Give us some money for the TV. I'm not watching. It's boring. If you don't, we'll tell geko you sleep during prayers. Monks shouldn't steal money. Monks aren't meant to have so much money. I need some money. What have you done? I gave you dishwashing soap! Washing cup, head or bottom, what's the difference? Now what do you want? Some money. You didn't return what I gave you last time. Please, it's really important. It's the World Cup final. Go away. I don't have any. I know you do. How do you know? People give you money for all those predictions. I've locked your door. Hey! Open up! If you don't lend me money, I'll swallow the key. How much? A hundred. Open up and I'll give you some. No. Put it under the door. Here, you rascal. Open up. Here's the key, you old goat. It's you. What's this? It isn't enough. You said 300 before. It's the World Cup. Prices go up. How much? It's 350 for black and white and 400 for colour. What? Oh, come one, take 300. No, that's my best price. We only have 300. Can we give you the rest tomorrow? Please. We don't have much time. No! Please don't do this. We're neighbours. This is our only chance to watch the game. Sorry. Let's go back and find a way. How? We'll go and get 50 rupees and be back soon. Listen, my shop closes in two hours. I can't wait any longer. My wife is home alone, taking care of our sick daughter. How will you carry the dish? On your shoulders? Let's go. I've got an idea. Doesn't Nyima have a watch? He might let us pawn it. That's an excellent idea. You should ask him for it. I can't. His mother gave it to him. It's his most prized possession. You're his uncle. He'll do it for you. Don't worry. No matter what, I'll get it back for him. You have my solemn word. You didn't give any money, so do this. Go on, go now. Hey, Nyima, wait. That's what friends are for. You and Nyima get the best seats tonight. Let's get the tractor. Weren't we getting a TV? Let's go, let's go. Wait. Ah, you guys. Did you get the money? No, but we brought a watch. A watch? We'll bring the money tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can keep it. Does it work? Of course. It's English. Okay, but you only have until midday tomorrow. Or else I'll have to sell it. Okay, take it. Let's get the dish. What happened to the watch? Don't worry. We'll get it back tomorrow. Who's setting the dish up? You, of course. That's another 50 rupees. Forget it. Yeah. We'll do it ourselves. All right. What? Which direction do we point the dish? North, north... Things aren't like they used to be. These days... our young monks are exposed to many things. that older ones like myself never even dreamed of. Don't worry about your boys. I will make sure traditional training. I hope they'll continue to uphold Buddha's lineage according to these modern times. TV is coming! TV is coming! Quick, get the dish onto the roof. Don't drop it. I'll put the dish on the roof. You help down here. Have you seen my uncle? Have you seen my uncle Palden? France is going to win tonight. Never! They'll definitely win. Brazil will eat them alive! Put it here in the middle. Put the wires in the back. Straighten the seats into rows, you guys. Can you tie a knot, Palden? Sure I can. Tie it tightly or this percious jewel might drop. One, two, three... Gently, gently... Watch out. Be careful. Hey, Palden... Tell Orgyen the dish is ready. Get the cable. We're ready. Can we connect it? Yes, we'll send the cable up now. It's connected. Which way do we point it? What? Which direction? North, I think. Yes, north. Which way is east? But he said north. I know, but which way is east? Where does the sun rise? Somewhere there. Have those dummies worked out he direction yet? Palden, are you getting anything? Getting anything yet? No. Keep trying. Move the dish around. Have you got anything yet? Palden, tell them to keep turning it around up there. North? That's what the Indian said. Never ask directions from an Indian. Palden, go and tell Lodo to try south. Nyima wants his watch back. Not now. Anyway, Buddhists shouldn't be so attached. There it is! Now what? The electricity went off, dummy. Are you blind? We have lots of candles. Anybody got a torch? Someone check if it's only us. Good news. It's the whole village. Then it'll be on soon. When will this country ever develop? Maybe the power company wants a bribe. So what do we do? I have an idea. Give me a torch. Once upon a time a man was having a nightmare. A really scary monster approached him. "I'm going to eat you tonight. " The man was terrified. He didn't know what to do so he asked the monster, "What shall I do?" The monster replied, "How should I know? It's your dream. " This is boring. I have a better story. Once upon a time a rabbit went to drink at a lake. While drinking, he saw his reflection. Startled, he ran off. He met a dog and said "Don't go to the lake. There's a strange creature. " They met... a deer, a fox, a goose... and a crane. To hell with rabbits. Let's watch football! Sit down. Sit down. What a great goal. Why so gloomy? What are you doing up there? You can't see from up there. Why are you down there? Can you see down there? I must get some money or Nyima will lose his watch. That's the sort of thing you do all the time. What are you doing here after all the chaos you've created? If I don't find some money by tomorrow, Nyima's watch will be sold by that Indian. Shoes for a watch? I have other things, too. Show me. Isn't this knife from your mother? You're so bad at business, you'll be a good monk. Don't worry. The abbot and I will pay the money. Can we cover the earth in leather so it's soft wherever we go? No. So what can we do? Cover our feet in leather? Yes, covering our feet in leather is equal to covering the earth with leather. Likewise, enemise are as limitless as space. All enemise cannot possibly be overcome. Yet if one can just overcome hatred, this will be equal to overcoming all enemies. All that is unsatisfactory in this world, all the fear and suffering that exists... clinging to the "I" has created it. What am I to do with this qreat demon? To release myself from harm and to free all others from their suffering, let me give myself away and love others all I love myself. If a problem can be solved, why be unhappy? And if it cannot be solved what is the use of being unhappy? Here. Hey, wait. Hey, wait... wait... How does the story end? Which story? The one about the rabbit. Guess. I don't know. Just tell me. Who cares about the end? What? What's all the fuss about ending...

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Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes and 6 seconds
Year: 1999
Country: Bhutan
Language: English
Genre: None
Producer: Raymond Steiner, Malcolm Watson
Director: Khyentse Norbu
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Posted by: caffeine59 on Jul 5, 2009

While the soccer World Cup is being played in France, two young Tibetan refugees arrive at a monastery/boarding school in exile in India. Its atmosphere of serene contemplation is somewhat disrupted by soccer fever, the chief instigator being a young student, the soccer enthusiast Orgyen. Prevented by various circumstances from seeing the Cup finals on television in a nearby village, Orgyen sets out to organize the rental of a TV set for the monastery. The enterprise becomes a test of solidarity, resourcefulness and friendship for the students, while the Lama, head of the monastery, contemplates the challenges of teaching the word of Buddha in a rapidly changing world.

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