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MyKabbalah Lesson 3 mission 2 Engsmall

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Recognizing and Observing In the previous Mission, I asked you to write down moments where you recognize the voice of the opponent in your life. Things that you know you should do but for some reason you can't do them. Things you know you shouldn't do and for some reason, you do them anyway. Why are these moments so tempting? Why are they so challenging to overcome? The truth is, the reason they are so tempting is what creates that challenge. This voice of the opponent wants us to run to the quick fix, instead of filling the void through a positive action. It's a voice designed to challenge me, but it's purpose is to help bring out my soul's full potential. To allow me to express the best version of myself that I can be. So in fact, it's a positive force disguised as a negative one. Every time I hear my opponent, is an opportunity to generate real and lasting fulfillment in my life. And now I can understand the purpose of this phrase, Pause. What a pleasure. Because when I pause, I can begin to observe and recognize my opponent and say ,"Hey, this is a huge opportunity for me." Just pausing is difficult, it's challenging and observing and recognizing my opponent is even more challenging. But once we're aware of it, we begin to see the pleasure in these moments. We begin to see the opportunities within my challenges. It's not easy, but that's where our work lies. Our opponent will show up in our lives in four different ways. When I get triggered, when I get reactive when I want to say something I know I shouldn't, when I'm faced with responsibility, and I want to run away, When I freeze and I don't know what to do, in these moments, my thoughts, my feelings, my words and my actions will always come into play. In these four levels, is my opportunity to listen to my opponent and then change. My thoughts are things like, I'm way better than you. Or, I'm not good enough. My feelings like anger, judgement, jealousy and resentment. My words when they can be passive-aggressive or they can be fighting with someone, or sometimes I don't say anything when I should. In my actions like laziness, like running away from a situation. In these moments, my opponents voice comes in, and it's my opportunity to pause and observe. So take a minute to pause and observe in your life. Where do you see the opponent in these four levels? When you're ready, we'll finish building the Proactive Formula in the next Mission. See you there.

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