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Testimonial Video of Dell Networking Customers

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Dell really provided a strong partnership. They have always been a leader in networking. The quality of the Dell assets makes for a good combination. We're just able to perform. Our applications are able to perform. No reboots, no problems, no failures. We can go to Dell and tell them, hey, we need the twenty node cluster and they will package it and send it to us with everything installed as required. We chose Dell networking for several reasons: one of them was cost; number two, was power consumption. Number three is the innovation on the Dell networking side. We can utilize the Dell products and then go 10 gig or multiple 10 gig, for the same price that we were paying for...per port to do something on the centrally hosted switches. Three key benefits: the first one is run automation, the second one is a reduction in our datacenter footprint, and lastly, is reduction in our staffing levels There's 14 different ways to stitch together IT assets to create business impact and we find Dell has all of the assets we need. Dell's done a very nice job. They've taken a lot of the acquisition technologies that they've been very busy bringing to the portfolio the past five years, taking the best of breed in terms of these features and technologies and integrating them into the Dell Portfolio. The experience and the wealth of knowledge and the information that a Dell engineering team brings to the table to be able to help us in solving the big data problem that we have, have been very invaluable.

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Sep 18, 2014

Testimonial Video of Dell Networking Customers

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