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Optimizing IT Assets - Insider Perspective

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Hi, my name is Adam Jones. I'm the Senior Director of IT at Ivanti. We had a problem, we just merged with a company that was 50% the size of us and after we got through the integrations we realized we really didn't have any tight control over our asset systems in either company. The two companies were using a hodge podge of old legacy asset systems and spreadsheets and nothing. and we really didn't know how old our assets were, we didn't know where they were, we didn't know when we needed to buy a new one. To fix this problem, we needed to know the truth of the situation. So we used discovery, we found the data and we put it into the system so we could see and figure out what the truth of it was. And the truth of it was a little shocking, we were overspending by quite a lot, we were short cycling our assets, we're buying them too soon, people had multiple assets. We had assets that remained drawers, that weren't getting used and the kind of last thing we realized is that when we did get to the end of our normal life cycles there was still a lot of value in the assets. So we took all that data and we put it into a plan and we took it to the executives and said what we'd like to do with this, we'd like to extend the life of the assets. We'd like to add for some devices 12 months for other devices 6 months. That would be the best way for the IT department to get the most amount of value out of the assets. They had proper pushback, they said, "What about warranties, what about other things," and we said, "Using our industry data, we don't think that's gonna be a problem, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it." So the results of all that is the first year we saved $1.5M of our asset budget and we have a running savings of what we were of over half a million dollars and we've done all that without lowering service to the customers. Our incidents rates are no higher than they were over the novel machines, we're not getting... we're not having machines leave service earlier, we're not doing a large amount of early refreshes and so the life cycle and the value proposition all proved true and we were able to deliver real value back to the company and that our assets are being fully utilized to the full extent there and the purpose that which we bought them.

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