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Selling IT Risk Management

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Today we're talking through the RSA Archer IT Risk Management use case. We've entered the golden age of IT. Technology has changed the very fabric of what it means to live today. Our most admired CEOs are from technology companies. We carry mini computers that also make phone calls. Our shopping is online. Our homes are connected. And we are even dating online. The old joke about the business guy thinking a CD-ROM tray was a coffee cup holder is obsolete. Today that same business guy expects to have multiple IT systems supporting them.

Under these expectations, the role of the CISO has also changed. Protecting data is now the ante instead of the entire job. CISOs must be business enablers. In a recent national survey, CISOs said their top concern was managing the risks the organization faced. This is where RSA Archer's IT Risk Management use case comes into play. As a leader in the Gartner IT Risk Management Magic Quadrant, we have a focused risk management platform for IT. CISOs tend to have two different problems when it comes to risk depending on their maturity level. The first is knowing what risks are out there. The second is managing and communicating the risk in a way that's actionable and understandable to the business. Discovery questions for an immature organization are designed to determine if the customer has a handle on risk gathering. You're looking for process problems or simple procecees that are repeatable. You can ask, "What challenges do you face integrating risk assessments into the software development life cycle? What difficulties are you facing designing and executing risk and threat assessments? How difficult was it to map your risks to your regulatory controls?"

The focus of discovery with the more mature companies companies is how they relate IT risks to business objectives. You can ask: "Tell me, how would you respond to a request by the CEO or the board to see the top business priorities broken out by IT risk? Explain what you would need to have your IT risk program used as a differentiator when going after new business. How do you communicate the value of your program to the various business lines?" With RSA Archer IT Risk Management you can gain a clear visibility into your overall IT risk landscape. Key features include an ASA catalog for risk processes and reporting, an IT risk register and control repository, and consistent risk and threat assessment procecees that leverage prebuilt content. What is the benefit to customers?

Clear visibility into IT risk with streamline assessments that accelerate the identification of IT risks; Linkage between risks and internal controls which eases communication of IT control requirements. This ultimately leads to reduced compliance gaps and improved risk mitigation strategies for customers. Selling RSA Archer IT Risk Management provides an agile risk management framework which enables organizations to keep up with changing requirements within the business and focus resources on the most impactful IT risks. Thank you.

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Selling IT Risk Management

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