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Expectativa VS. Realidad- Matrimonio

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Marriage Expectation - Reality Expectation We’ve been through a lot, we’ve made our dreams come true and every good and bad thing, has made me want to ask you... Will you spend the rest of your life with me? Yes. Reality Sign here, here, and here. But if I prove the child is not mine this will be… Sign it, bitch. Sign it, dear son-in-law. I was just saying. I´m signing, I´m signing. Expectation Hey, hold on. Madam. Reality Fuck! Ruben. Help me with this. I´m coming! Shit! Which one is it? Expectation I brought beer! This is mine and this one is for you, darling. Reality No one is going to step in my carpet and don’t you dare bring those useless friends of yours. You hear me? Fuck. What did you say? I said ok, honey. I treated him better. Mom! Expectation How´s the soufflé? I set the table. It smells delicious. Reality I cooked better. Mom. Expectation If we save this, plus your salary, plus my salary, we can afford the trip to the beach. What if instead we buy a pony-station 360, with titanium wheel and controllers? I love you Reality It´s payday! Fuck! All of it. Crap. Expectation Happy anniversary. Reality Go, go, go! Wait, wait, wait! Didn’t you have something to do today? No, Why? Expectation Reality It´s your turn. Fuck. Ruben, I think we made a mistake. With our marriage? I´m sorry, I promise I´ll change. No, on whose turn it was. It was my turn. Oh God, I´m sorry, I´m an idiot. Why do you say that? Because this isn’t the perfect life I promised you. I know we have troubles, like any couple. But I feel I´ve had more good times than anything else. Spending the rest of my life with you, has been the best decision I´ve made. I love you I´ll always love you. Ruben I breastfed him better. Mom!

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Posted by: lizzy_kong on Apr 8, 2015

Expectativa VS. Realidad- Matrimonio

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