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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~11:00:35 - 11:15:35

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Over there. They already know. That's why they make everything there. They say there will be six hundred kids, right? In essence, all the riches of this world are meant for the children. Zhanna, what will you buy at the market? Juice and croutons. ― Juice and what? ― Croutons. Oh! But they don't sell croutons at the market. They sell food at the market. They sell tomatoes, oranges etc. Market... Didn't we buy tomatoes yesterday? We've finished them already, we'll buy some more from the market. Let's buy 10 kilos of tomatoes, the bigger ones. By the way, don't they sell some melons and watermelons over there? Where? ― Look at him! ― Pal! A very important person. ― Did they bring in a printer? ― A printer? What for? ― To print out some financial papers. ― Huh? To prepare something. I forgot to prepare some potatoes and carrots for the girls. Will they even think of doing it for themselves? It would've looked very pretty with the horse meat dish. I wonder if they will do it or not. Our girls just seem so clueless, don't they? I have to do everything by myself every time guests come over. Here and there, always me. Go in, go in. Let's buy a melon and a watermelon. Why don't you go this way? Just go this way. We have to get off over there. Which way? This way. Why don't we just buy over here? Why? Or should we go to that guy? Kassymov? Yeah, your friend Kassymov. Just go inside and drive through the market. Where are you going? Kassymov. Dear Kassym. Zhanna, go to your mom. Zhanna. Give me your arm. ― Where are you? ― Huh? Is this your stand? Could you give me some tomatoes? We're out of tomatoes, ma'am. I have tomatoes. I'll buy from you then. Do you also have a melon and a watermelon? How much are the potatoes? There are potatotes... There are grapes... How much are the apples? The apples are a hundred tenge, a hundred. A hundred? Are those a hundred as well? Over there? ― No, those are not hundred. ― How much are they? Sixty. Sixty tenge. Give me two kilos of your hundred tenge apples. Yeah, yeah, two kilos. Not the worm-eaten ones. Sure, they're all good. Also give me three bananas. Here are our friends. They wanted to look at and make some videos of our market. Where are they from? ― Huh? ― From abroad. Our friends. Do you understand their language? They have a Russian interpreter. But I understand some of it. How much are your tomatoes? Huh? Give me five kilos. Here, Zhanna. Give it to dad. Dad. Greetings! How are you? Do you have greens? Yes, we do. Well, do you have the...? Do you have lettuce? Do you have melons or watermelons? Here, very fresh greens. Forty tenge. Ok, do you have coins, Kadyr? Do you want one or two? No, I don't need it right now. Give me this. I'll go over there and buy some lettuce. Do you need cabbage? ― Go, Zhanna go with your mom. ― Come! Come, Zhanna. Here, me, buy from me! Zhanna, wait. Can I get some of this lettuce? ― How much? ― Wait. I'll get it from here. How are you, granny? ― Good. Yourself? ― I'm good. These are my friends. They wanted to see our market. How much? The lettuce? Thirty five tenge. Didn't it used to be thirty? It's the wholesale price. OK, take it for thirty. It wouldn't make a big difference. ― Fine. Is it a hundred and fifty? ― Yes. ― Good. ― Do you need anything else? Give me some of those green onions. My green onions are very good. Flawless! ― Two? ― Two. Ma'am, how much are these peppers of yours? The peppers are thirty five. See how big they are! Perfect! Anything else? ― Do you have plums? ― No, no plums. That's it then. Here, Zhanna. You are my little helper, aren't you? That's my daughter. How much are the peaches? Which ones? These? They're two hundred tenge. Here's your change, seven hundred and fifty. Thanks for coming! Come again! All the bananas are mine. Banana-banana. Is Zhanna eating bananas? Yes. I could eat three thousand bananas. Banana, did you buy yourself some bananas? Yes. One for Roma, one for Ilyas, right? What about Guabish? Looks like we forgot to get one for him.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
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Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 2, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 11:00-11:15 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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