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Friends-British Accent

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Right, so when Rigby got his samples back from the laboratory he made a startling discovery. What he believed to be igneous was in fact sedimentary Imagine his consternation when... Oh bloody hell What the hell are you doing? Look, I was nervous! You guys had me all worried I was gonna be boring I got up there and they were all, like, staring at me. I opened my mouth and this British accent just came out. Yeah, not a very good one. Will you please... Doctor Geller Kirk Brathman. I'm a professor in the paleontology department here. Do you have a moment to talk about your lecture? I'm sorry, I've got plans with my sister. Monica Geller Right, will you excuse us for one moment. What are you doing? Oh, you can have an accent but I can't? Top of the mornin' to you laddies! Just, please stop! Yes, yes, Bombay is very, very nice this time of year Look, I really need some help, okay? Why?! Why did I have to speak in a British accent? What do I do? Why don't you phase it out? Yeah, phase the accent out People will think that you're, you know, just adjusting to life in America. Yeah I mean, come on, Ross No one will even notice, they're probably not even listening to you. They're not listening to me? Of course they're listening to you. Everybody listens to you. Monica, you really think I should try this phasing out thing? I think you look fine! Okay, come on, do it one more time! Really, really? Okay! Hello, Ross! This is Doctor McNeely from the fake accent university. We'd like you to come on board with us full time! Alright, keep going. We are phasing the accent out Phasing it out! So without retesting their results in the laboratory The team would never have [something] the initial errors in their carbon-18 analysis. Were there any questions at this point? Yes! What's happening to your accent? Come again? What, what's this nonsense? Alright, I'm not English I'm from Long Island I was really nervous and the accent just, uh, just came out. I'm sorry. So if we could just get back to the lecture.. Umm.. Were there any questions? About paleontology? Alright, look, I was just trying to make a good first impression. Obviously, I screwed up. But what you guys think of me is really important because I'm hoping to get a permanent job here. So if you just give me another chance to make a good impression... Ross! Are you crazy?! I'm still your wife! What were you just never gonna tell me?! What the hell is wrong with you?! Well, 'allo, Rachel!

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Friends-British Accent

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