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Ramzi au Commissariat

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I’m here to press charges Are you the witnesses? Uh Uh no! just... uh... we came with him Well, first and last name Sabri Saïd. Sabri : S-A-B-R-I B. SA- I- D Saïd B-E-D-I-D Give me the facts Two guys came into my bar In fact, I am a waiter in this bar, it’s not my bar Me, I’m an actor, that’s my real job You know! We got to do odd jobs to make a living! …right …It’s not an easy job! For real it’s… Well my appearance is obviously too… too special… it’s… However I got few project… I… I have a short-film project The facts! The facts! Well, uh… They came in; they left with the cash register… Start over from the beginning – Please From the Beginning?! I’ll be really broad then There was a… huge body of gas in the Beginning to be more specific This body of gas was full of asteroids, the asteroids blew up It made up the planets such as the Earth Then a primitive form of life appeared It was uh… uh… it was the Bang Bang…?! Big Deal…?! Big Dee Bang… Deal?! And uh… some small fish… hop, the dinosaurs, the monkeys, the walkers. I didn’t mean the creation of the universe. I’m talking about the robbery Ah! The robbery sorry Uh… two guys came in Came in C-CA-M-E The handguns H-AND-G-GUN And they told me: the cash register And I gave them the cash register and they left… easy… Could you describe me your aggressors? Yeah! no problem No… well… Mrs. the inspector uh… Sabri, you should leave her alone, she has other things to do But no! Leave me alone uh… There was one who was taller than the other uh… He had a black face, white eyes Some big ears a nose like a ball and the other, he was short with a orange beak and a small hat for hands If I understand, you have been robbed by Donald and Mickey? No common now…! It could only be a disguise…! Use your brain! How did you get your job? Besides the disguise how were they? They were… There was one who was much taller of course than the other… Kinda… kinda mixed race, neither black nor white, mixed race Guadeloupian… West Indian… bold headed just like that But… what… uh…. Later, later – And the other one? the other? The other much shorter Really uh… Now… stop, what are talking about? Much more smaller With a mat skin and the hair uh… Well, just like this one! Maghrebi? Of course! it’s a robbery Madam! Sit down! Oh! I didn’t see I was standing up Sit down! Mrs. the superintendent Inspector Well I feel like the three of you know each other really well! Yeah, we do And all of this smells like an insurance’ scam

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Duration: 2 minutes and 47 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Genre: None
Producer: CANAL+
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Posted by: gmcoffi on Apr 29, 2010

Ramzi au commissariat est un extrait d'un des episodes de la serie "H" produit par Canal+.

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