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Pierre Vallee - Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada - French (Global Lives Project, 2013) -07:30:00 - 07:59:59

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--Zachary, your bedroom.-- It's done.-- Oh, yeah? -- Okay. Can I check it?-- Hum, no. Do it so that I can go there. And clean up the basement too because Miss Boisvert is coming today. -- Do you have the hat? -- I am going to put the hat in the same spot. But, where is my ??? My ???? -- Do you want a snack?-- No. -- Cheese string?-- No.-- A Yop? -- No. No snack!-- Let's go. Prepare your stuff. -- What are all the papers in here?-- That's all the papers that were in the mail-folder that broke. The mail-pocket is broken. Is there anything important? -- No. Well... It's gonna be quiet. Evelyne, can you call Lila? Hey. Come on, check your boots! Good luck with your presentation. -- Oh! Ouch! -- Do it well. And then, you are going for lunch to Sami's.-- Yeah.-- Bye! -- Bye Darling! -- Bye, bye. -- Where is Fique? Fique? Pacifique! Bye! -- Bye! -- Hey...-- There, take Jo's bike... if the padlock is on Jo's bike. Come on...-- No big deal.-- Give me back my bike. -- No! -- Who opened that thing? Do you have your keys? Yes? Okay. You need to put your longboard away. -- I know that! That's it! -- They don't go outside. No, but I need them for my presentation. What is the recycling bin doing there? Jo, can you put it back on the other side please? -- ??? to go through. -- No. -- Yes! I saw here earlier on, she went through here. -- Will you put it back please? Why is it here? Pacifique, take Jo's bike... Evelyne, Evelyne, Evelyne. It's no big deal. We have plenty of time. Lift it. Look. Everything needs to come apart. Hold it. Are you wearing your helmet? Kennedy. Stay over there. Yes, yes. You have to wear your helmet. No! -- Hey. You have two options: you wear your helmet or you are walking. Where is your helmet? -- I don't know!-- Here, here. Beside you. -- Oh yeah, come here. Aren't you cold, Jo? -- No, what about you?-- Well. Bye! He forgot his bag. Let's go back. Evelyne, can you tell Pacifique that he doesn't even have his bag. He's gone... ???-- There he is, coming back. Does he have his lunch box? -- Yes, his lunch box. He forgot his bag. Your lunch box is in the garage? -- No, he has it. -- What? -- The lunch box! -- He doesn't even have it!-- He doesn't even have his lunch box? -- It's here. -- What the heck! Pacifique! -- Yeah? -- Do you have your head? -- Ahah! Okay. Be careful! Are you coming or not? There is a chance of risk on the ground this morning in Quebec. -- Of what? -- Of frost on the ground. -- Of risk on the ground?-- Of risk on the ground. Of frost on the ground. -- Ah, frost! Did it upload quite a bit? Only green? Are there any other colors? No. There might be blue. -- Look, is it like last year?-- This is last year's model. This, this is... These are the new ones. There is green too. Green. Yeah. That's it? There is nothing else? -- We can customize them too. Like, we can change the middle. Green and ... Green et black like that. And we can pick sleeves like that. When you go in...-- But are there any other colors?-- Hum, no. --Oh.-- There are also last year's.-- It's quite nice with the green pants for example. And maybe this one too? -- Yeah. -- Too blue?-- What about this one, with those pants. There are also pants like that.-- Ah, but that's a nice set with black and these black patches. This green is nicer than the other one. -- Yeah. Yeah, that one is lighter. -- It looks more like you, hey? -- Yeah! Nicer. -- No, but... Okay! I am going to... -- What's this?-- That's ... Zachary? This is your money. --That's okay...--Yes! -- Well! You know!-- I don't know where to put it. -- In your wallet Zachary. Do you need your laptop? A bit? -- No. -- No?-- You have your pad. So, stop now. -- Yes, but I can't play the ski game on my pad. -- That's too bad.-- There are no arrows. -- Okay. I share your pain. -- I'll bring it back. -- I do sympathize. I will bring it back. Okay? Okay. I have too many things to bring back. -- Yeah, that's it. Did you tidy up? -- Yes.-- Because Mrs. Boisvert will go there, you know?-- Well Mrs. Boisvert-- ??-- What? -- Mrs. Boisvert can ???-- Wait! I am gonna check myself. Look. There are glasses and rags left. You didn't tidy up. The boxes. Let's go. --Okay. -- Tidy this up. -- Okay.-- Put away the rest, and then the bags. Right away. -- What bags?-- That's downstairs. If you want coffee, use the first button on the top right. Once it says "warm", after that it's... You wait a bit and after that, use the big button. Once it is done, use the big button. Completely to the left. The tornado is over. -- I am doing it. It doesn't matter.-- That's what I meant.-- And it doesn't prevent me from sleeping. You know, I slept about an hour and a half. I am now up for 2 hours. I will go back to bed for 4 hours. You know, it is not like sleeping five hours and a half straight. It moves around. At the back... It's pretty full. -- My God.-- He manages to go to bed early. The milk is in the fridge. What's your schedule Pierre? What do you mean? When are you going back to bed? -- Now, right now. Once Evelyne is gone, --Yes. -- I will go back to bed. until 11.30am-12pm. -- Okay. That means I am going to sleep another four hours. And then, after that, once I am up, -- You will be able to go shopping.-- Hmm, yes. -- That's right. Well, we didn't sleep. -- No. -- There's... Karen should arrive when you wake up. -- Is it not filming anymore?-- I am going to start again. -- Let them be. They are taking a break, for a minute.-- Yeah. -- The small one is filming. -- The small one is filming? -- The small camera beside this one. I would like to take one if you don't mind. Black. Small. The strongest. It is more black and... -- The strongest? -- Yes. -- Well! -- The one with the worst taste. -- Let's do it. Small cup? -- Yes. -- We can brew an espresso. -- Yes, yes, yes. -- It's going to wake me up.-- For sure. -- It is less... There is less caffeine in an espresso. -- Apparently. Yes. But it looks like it does the same job. I am sorry about this morning. It can't be fun to wake up to see... -- Oh no, but... -- We knew about it. -- Is it filming? -- This one, yes. But we are filming the computer. -- Okay. -- Sometimes we do that to change from one shot to another one. We film an object. And, we are going to start again. -- Let's talk to the object, here...-- Because the camera... it's going to...--???? But... No, but that's it, when I opened the door yesterday... when I came home, you know... I was like... Oh, my God! I knew... -- The crew was here.-- I knew it ... that it would be... that it would happen but... That's it. The cleaning lady will come around 9am. So... I left her a note to tell her that you are here. Obviously, she will see you. You can explain her what it is. I also wrote that Zachari was downstairs. So... -- Okay. -- You'll have to put your stuff away because she tidy up when she does the cleaning. So... -- Yeah, yeah.-- But... Do you think it will bother her if we film her a little bit? Or maybe I can ask her. -- Ask her. If she doesn't care, there's no problem. Okay. One last sip and... I will start again. -- Is it charged?-- I think I am just going to unplug it. -- Okay. I don't think so. I don't think so because there is no charge light... I'll put it in the car when I leave. But I have a charger at school. My computer at least. It could be worse. I don't have any students to film. If you want toasts, we have toasts. -- Oh, but we have a bag full of cookies, -- raisins, bread... -- granola, nuts...-- There is also chicken if... -- That we cooked yesterday.-- We cooked the chicken yesterday for dinner. -- Maybe I'll have a piece of toast. -- Yeah? Raisin bread? -- Raisin bread. That's nice of you. -- With butter? -- Hum, yes. But I can spread the butter myself, you know! I will use margarine. But... if you are hungry... And my snacks for the day. -- Are you going to work? -- Yes. It's coming to an end. -- Are you a teacher? -- I do... in fact, I am a special education teacher. So, but I am no longer meeting with students, I am more into writing my end of year reports. -- You said that you had an individualized education plan this morning. -- I am going to film again. Ready?-- Okay. -- I am starting. I am filming again. -- You know when students have difficulties whether it is in learning, or on a behavioral level... or something else... they have an education plan. They have an education plan for the student. They have a help plan. The individualized education plan is used to... specify which measures should be put in place to help this... to help... this student in particular. You know, it can be... It can be very simple. For example... An education plan... which is going to help... I don't know ... a student who... who, for example, would be very shy. You know, who would have trouble to... socialize. We could gather around an education plan with the parents, the principal, the teacher, just to say, well... we are going to put this measure in place which will, for example, ... I don't know what... to fight the trouble that the... the student faces. It could also be more... elaborate when it is a bigger issue. Yes. Yes. When a child has a specific problem learning difficulties... -- What's Lila's number? -- Sorry?-- Sami's phone number?-- It's in the cell phone. It is in... -- But where do I look for it? -- In the directory. In the directory. That's a bit for that reason. Yeah, that's it. This morning, it is a student Who has speech difficulties, he needs... The plan will determine the... the measures that we need to put in place at school for him. We don't necessarily see it on the report cards or... That's what we do. And now the end of the year is coming up. The plan is generally revised once a year unless the kid is having difficulties during the school year. -- Are there speech therapists?-- Well...-- Hi Lila. Hi, this is Pierre Vallée. How are you? Yes, very well. Is it OK if Jo comes to your place for lunch today? Excellent. Thank you. Bye! Evelyne. The cat litter. -- Ah yes, I forgot. Argh! We don't know why but the cat eats the dog's food. And it gives him really ... unpleasant smells... Let's go doggy. Come Kennedy. -- Oh, no. It's not there anymore. -- Just put it on the ledge. I'll take care of it. -- Well. -- Bye!-- -- I'll leave you this. Where is my grey bag that was here? -- Next to the shelf, over there. Did you open the van? -- Sorry?-- Is it open?-- Is the van open? -- Yeah? -- Thanks! -- Bye!-- Bye, bye! Have a nice day! Have a good sleep! See you! I should check the key... That's good. The key is there. I'll shut the door. That's ok, come in. Well. Time for another 4 hours of sleep. See you later!

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Language: French (Canada)
Producer: Karen Vanderborght
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Posted by: globallives on Oct 1, 2013

Pierre helps his three sons get ready for school. He waves everyone out before eating breakfast. He then cleans his sons's rooms before going back to sleep.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Pierre Vallée, who works as a commercial ship pilot on the St. Lawrence River in Canada. This forms part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

This video was produced by Karen Vanderborght, Catherine Genest, Rébecca Lavoie, Ariane Lorrain, Marianne Ploska, Patrick Pearce and Yanie Dupont-Hébert. 

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