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Adventures of Power (2009)

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(male voice narrates) The first sound we hear, is the beat of our momma's heart. [heart beats in background] But then the noise of the world drowns out that beat. [heart beats faster, people are screaming] Until we can't hear it anymore. (Power) I know it's too late for me to learn to play drums. But I can still rock. [drumsticks clicking] 1-2-3 [music: Mister Mister - "Kyrie"] ♪ My heart is old it holds my memories ♪ (woman's voice) You are a beautiful spirit, and I love that little thing you do, I love's very cute. It's not cute Aunt Joni People think it's amazing. (both boys) Freak! You know I named you Power so that you'd be strong. I wanted you to be a man, not a pussy-footer. I'm not pussy-footing - I'm double-bass drumming. ♪ Kyrie eleison through the darkness of the night ♪ (male voice) Carlos has his eye on you. You should train with him. In New York City? This says Newark. Aw, same thing. (narrator) Once in a while a person comes along who holds on to that beat. No matter how hard the world beats back. (Power) I love music. And I wish I could play it. I wish I could hear it. You have the golden locks of David Lee Roth. I'm looking for Carlos? (Carlos) You found him. Any fool can play the drums, but when you have got to bounce your hands off air, that is a double workout. (guy's voice) I respect music. I actually play the drums. So what is this rumor I hear about this air drumming competition on Friday night? Let's show these bastards that we are better than they are. We're not better, we're just different. No no, we're better. Different. >>Better >>Different We're better! Okay. [music: Rush - "Today's Tom Sawyer"] (emcee) Ladies and gentlemen you are about witness the new breed of warrior. His legs - so white. (asian man) Like white tiger. We felt something today. I need you. (Carlos) Tonight, we are air drummers. Everyone of us. ♪ Though his mind is not for rent ♪ ♪ To any god or government ♪ ♪ Always hopeful, yet discontent ♪ ♪ He know changes aren't permanent ♪ ♪ But change is ♪

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