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We know the world can be divided into two types of people; people who like Marmite, and people who don’t; people who prefer baths than showers – those kinds of things. But we also know there are people who like birthdays, and making a big deal of birthdays, and people who don’t. I don’t like making a big thing of my own birthday. I keep it off Facebook, keep it off everything. It’s a bit of a test really to see whether my friends really know me well enough, and know when my birthday is. But I love celebrating other people’s birthdays. I love being around to celebrate the day of their birth, and what they’ve given us. Pentecost Sunday is a birthday; it’s a birthday for the Church. It’s a birthday that celebrates when this whole thing began. Of course it began with Jesus; His life, His death, His resurrection. But if the Spirit, if the Spirit hadn't come, then we wouldn’t be here – because the Spirit coming makes Jesus present again. Think about it; when Jesus was alive, walking around, there was only one of Him, there was only one body of Christ walking around. But he says, ‘it is good for you that I am going, because I will send the Holy Spirit’ – why would it ever be good for Jesus to leave?! And yet He says ‘it’s good for you that I’m going’ and it’s good for us that He went, because he sent the Spirit, so Jesus can now be present in the Community of believers, in the family of the Church, in lots of different places. Today is a birthday. It’s the celebration of the beginning of the Church. The Church doesn’t begin by standing up and going through prayers, the Church doesn’t begin by working out exactly what it believes, the Church begins when the gift of the Spirit comes on the followers of Jesus, and they know Jesus is present again among them, so they can do the things that Jesus did; they can see the miracles, they can feel the love, and they can share with the world the best news the world has ever, ever heard – that God loves us so much, He sent his Son for us. Today, celebrate the birthday of the Church, and do it by receiving for yourself again afresh, the gift of the presence of Jesus in your life.

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Posted by: annafjmorris on Apr 12, 2018


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