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Jaguar XE 01 - ooyala

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Today is the big one, as we put Jaguar's all new XE to the test.

Que dramatic music, as we explain how this model is make or brake for the commentary cab. Or, we could just go on and review the XE as we would any other car, the good, the bad, and the ugly, although, looking at it, I don't think we are going to find anything ugly about its styling. You'll notice about the XE that it gets better, as you go towards the front. So, this boot... While this opening is quite descent for a saloon, and I quite like this extra little spaces at the side, overall capacity is not as good as a BMW 3 series, and Audi A4, or Mercedes C class, which are, of course, its main rivals. And then, there's the fact: if you want the split folding rear seats, firstly, it costs extra. Secondly, I think they just forgot to do it, because the switches, you used to operate them, are so flimsy, that they would...look, aren't placed and attached on the Jaguar. Look, it just comes off in your hand. Rubbish. Chances are, you are not going to be overwhelmed by the XE when you try these backseats, either. For start, the opening itself is quite narrow. And, I am 5'11", so, I am by no means a giant. And still, my head is just about brushing the ceiling here. This knee room is okay, but there's not much room to get your feet underneath the seats. So, I guess it's a bit uncomfortable. My feet are actually wedged in there. Then, there's this big transmission tunnel in the middle. The middle seat itself is very narrow, but I can get my size 10 by the side. It's not particularly comfortable. My head's even more jammed into the ceiling now. Obviously, most people in these cars are going to have kids, rather than adults travelling in the back, and in that case, it's fine, but a BMW 3 series, and Audi A4, or Mercedes Benz C class, are still better in the backseats. Are you spotting a theme, here? It's when you get in the front of your XE, that it really begins to make sense. For a start, there are loads of adjustments, in the seat, and in the steering wheel, here, so I can get a really good driving position, nice and low down. The built quality is also very good. It feels very well made. You can see, in this car we've got leather seats, which were an extra. But still, this feels like a really premium product, capable of standing up to the opposition. And, this central entertainment screen, which is shared with Land Rover, works really well. You can order your XE, with either a supercharge, or turbo charge petrol engine. Or, more popular steer will be this two liter turbo diesel, available with either 160, or 180 horse power. It's a good engine, although it's noisier that I thought it was going to be, I have to say, particularly idle, and at low speed, when accelerating. Once up to speed, the XE quietens down, to become a relaxed cruiser, with a very good ride quality, making for an excellent motorway car. Gearbox wise it has a six speed manual, or an optional eight speed automatic, as we are testing here. And despite the odd inconsistency, where it doesn't change down quite when you want it, it is a very good gearbox. As far as the handling goes, there's a real harmony to all the major controls. The steering is crisp and direct. And Jaguar might have also tuned the suspension, so that the car both, absorbs bumps, but it also doesn't lean over too much in corners. Aside from some slightly dodgy rear visibility, the XE is also as easy to drive in town, as it is fun to drive on the open road. So, the XE has good fuel economy, it's well equipped, and it has strong resell value. All of which means it's a car we feel happy in recommending, but is it a mach for its German rivals, BMW 3 series, Audi A4, and Mercedes C class. Well... It doesn't demolish them, but it is a very, very close call. We wouldn't blame you for choosing any.

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Jaguar XE 01 - ooyala

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