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MOVE WYD - Not the only catholic in the world H264

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My name is Jessica Moussa and I am the chairman of Swedish Young Catholics and I am from Sweden. How the young people are prepairing to World Youth Day in Sweden? Right now I am the head of the planning team which is coming to Krakow We are hoping to register 500 people. for the trip here. and we haven't even opened the registration yet but the people are telling us that they are very interested in coming. and they can't wait until the summer gets here. They are ready for it. How is a per cent of the people who are catholic who are going to the church? In Sweden it is very hard to be a catholic because you're surrended by other people who are not believers. and they keep questioning you about your believe, about your God "does He even exists?", they tell you. They tell you you're stupid and you should trust science. and is very hard what we do in our association is to try to gather the catholic. and give them a place just to open up and talk about their religion and their believes and I have grown so much since I found this association and one thing is the World Youth Day that helps a lot because that was the first time I thought that i am not the only one. I'm not the only catholic in the world. That you feel everyday in Sweden. And how is your experience with World Youth Day? Have you ever been there? Yes I went to the one in Madrit not to the one in Rio which I regret a lot. I really wanted to go but I had some work But in Madrit I had a great time I met a lot of new friends met Jesus, and actually didn't feel alone which encuraged me and brought me back home with more energy and I started working with the youth before that I was only a member and now I am the head of the association You said that in your country it's hard with the faith but you know some person who are come back to church start believe to the God, Actually yes, I know a few that actually after the World Youth Day came home and regain their faith Many of us who are catholics in Sweden or are born from tha catholic families and you know when you are born in the catholic family you don't think of things like people who convert into catholicisim When you start thinking sometimes many of us stop believing because they try to find proof that everything exists. And when you come to the World Youth Day something changes within you And we had this guy who actually came to the World Youth Day and not only regained his faith, he found his love and now he is married and has the child What's the Divine Mercy for you? Divine Mercy... is knowing that your God is so merciful that no matter what you do as long as you deeply regret it He is there with open arms and letting you back in because there are many different topics that people though that this World Youth Day will be about but Poland chose Marcy how many people will come to the World Youth Day? We will be 500 from Sweden which is a large group for us We are only less than 1% of the population. In the whole Sweden we are one houndred thousands catholics Our association we are about 2500 so really 500 is a lot for us. But maybe more people will come so now please invite the young people to the World Youth Day to Krakow. I would like all the young people to come with us to the World Youth Day to Krakow next year. and please all the Swedish people if you hear me come with us we will have a great trip.

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MOVE WYD - Not the only catholic in the world H264

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