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Chanukah - Enter the Realm of Miracles_1995

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The problem is we have not learnt how to dial God. Today we have that information. When we light the candle, we have the proper numbers, letters, as you must have when you want to dial a friend. You just can't use any numbers... You can't use any letters. Each and every single person has its own telephone and that telephone has its own number. So too, do all these very packets of energy. To reach these numbers, these telephones, these packets of energy, we have to dial. Today we have that system on how to dial. Today we have the system by buying the lottery, if you may. None of us, from here on in, will ever be able to say: God, how do you permit this? And our answer tonight is: God never permited it. It was our lack of communication, everything that can enhance our life style, has already been revealed. There are almost no secrets left. Then one might ask: Why don't we see all of these miracles happen each and every single day? And the answer is: we must achieve a consciousness. And more importantly, the consciousness that is required is the consciousness that we can achieve miracles in our lives. But how many of us will walk out of here and say: Too good to be true! And that's probably the worst enemy that we have in Kabbalah. People would rather remain in their chaos and misery than succumb to some influence that we can create our own miracles. It's not as easy as it might present itself, unfortunately. We become skeptics and say: It couldn't happen. But for those of us who will have the guts to change and say: If this is going to enhance my life, I'm going to try it.

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Chanukah - Enter the Realm of Miracles_1995

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