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Witnesses of the massacre

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Ending the sit-in is a decision of the public prosecutor Witnesses to the massacre My name is Dr. Fatima Bayad ..

I specialized neurosurgery.Volunteered at the field hospital on this basis to treat brain and nerve injuries Whether brain injury or spinal injuries I'm originally from Cairo, so I am going home after AlFajr ( 6:00 am ) ,when things are settled and come back after Al-Maghrib (6:00 pm). called me one of my colleagues working in the same specialty. ..He told me that he works with a military sections And they told him that he can not move anywhere and they need him today. and if he had to move then he must bring one to replace him I knew that the Thread seriously this time and not a threat like every time, but I decided to stay, it is my duty and that's what I volunteered for. Wounded began arriving to Hospital ...Dead ..There's nothing we can do. The injuries were all shocking .. Open head .. I work in neurosurgery from about ten years ago .. I have never seen such injuries. Injuries are all, without exception .. exploded chest .. exploded head. brain outside the skull. I go to check out the injured .. i can do nothing. However my responsibility as a specialist. As long as the patient is still alive., Measure his condition to a scale called Glasgow And see if he will be transferred to the intensive care unit, or that there is no cure. Glasgow scale degree 3 is clinically dead. i can not do any thing, As more than 3 i will try to do it the auspices of the conveyed to the intensive care unit What happening was at all the injuries that they came to us was on this situation was, still alive, they can move some of there limb, but their brains out of the skull. I have some photos. i took it on rush, wound was like this way, large aperture, and the brain outside the skull. I mean what can I do, most of the injuries were like this, direct shoot into the head This was not a random shoots, or unintended, also it was not any warning , it was a surprise .. when it became a large number of wounded, and there was the need to take them to the intensive care unit And supposed that there was an agreement that when there is a need.We communicate with the director of the field hospital, to communicate with the Ministry of Health to bring ambulances When we told the doctor in charge that we do not have the ability to deal with the cases, he told us that ambulances do not answer our calls and we are now trapped Deal with the cases with what equipments are available In these moments I saw a scene, more bloody than the most bloodiest movies Someone enters carrying a martyr, and on his hand the martyr's brain, the whole brain. Someone enters carrying a martyr, and on his hand the martyr's brain, the whole brain. I kept the picture and published on my Facebook page, people accused me of lying fiction, they said that the picture is from Syria, "Our military never do some thing like this" I did not reply to them at the time, i did no had the time to respond, I published the photo in this time because I did not know what would happen in the next hours. I do not know what type of weapon that causes such injuries, taking away the entire brain, take it out of its place. They start shooting tear gas the arena that are outside the field hospital I think about eight o'clock in the morning, because my sister is a volunteer physician and had been working in this arena to deal with gas injuries. And she suffered extreme fatigue as a result of gas and the doctors brought her to us to get treat. I was very confused, do I help my sister or others, so I asked the doctors to work each of us in his field and went to complete my work After increasing the amount of tear gas, most of the doctors with the injured present in the the arena outside came to us in the field hospital. And there was childrens with them. The parents come to ask for their children, and they ask me about their children and I answer that I do not know anything, and ask them to be patient until things calm down. We had in the hospital big fans of which are used in tents, and the place was very busy, dealing with people wounded by bullets or dealing with injuries due to tear gas? We started asking people to stand beside the fans, these who are with a child or was strangulated because of the gas, and these who needed a respirator we put them on a medical ventilator. So that we can deal with other cases It was quite crowded scene, injuries everywhere, people lose their life in front of you and you can not do anything, his relatives or friends shouting and asking you to save him. I answer that I can not do anything and that he must be transferred to the intensive care unit, and there is no ambulances, what do we do, it was a tragic situation. Martyrs were over all the floor, to the degree that we were shifting the bodies just to make a place for the injured, so we can deal with them. We were sorting the injured, this can be saved, and this is no hope, as this is dead .. Some injuries, we used to say: "Let him die, we can not do anything to him, he is dead". He is still alive, but as a doctor you know that you will not be able to do anything to him .. to change your job from a surgeon to under taker ... this doesn't happen to me before We had closed the windows in the moment they start shooting tear gas at the arena out side. So we can do our job otherwise we suffocated. Moments and began firing tear gas and bullets at the hospital, we do not know is it sounds of real bullets? Or is it just sounds? Is it on the walls? I do not know. What happened was a kind of panic, and we began to say that we willevacuate the field hospital from women and children first then doctors, and we will move to the Media Center. When we entered the Media Center, we found it filled of injured, as the injuries keep coming began the floor be coverd again with martyrs and wounded. The rate of coming injured was the same from the beginning of the attack, sometimes rises up, and sometimes a range of injuries come at once We started separate martyrs from injuries, and we also arranged injuries according to the severity and seriousness of the injury, asking the non-injured persons to support the injured. We asked the people who are with patients that can move to try to move them to The Rabia Medical Center. But the problem is that the entrance to the center was under fire shooting also We made a pass from the mosque garden to the back entrance of the Medical Center somewhat away from the shooting. We got Rabaa Medical Center with injuries that with us and, of course the center has no doctors , just I and the volunteers colleagues . I found a wounded person was alive, suffering severe but there is hope of surviving. Tried to find a place so I can do a fast surgery for him, did not find an empty place All the benches are busy with injured with serious condition and they need it. Every anesthesiologists was busy. Laid the injured down on the ground and have cleared his wound and sewing his wound while he is astir. Do you know what it means to sew the head of a person while he is awake, do not have the necessary medical equipments. Skin itself was difficult to knit together. Khitna wound is awake and wounded didn't even say a word "ahhh". Everything he said "Thank God, thank God," raising the index finger. Another wounded was laid on his back, we should even open his back to check if he has an internal bleeding, Was to say to me: "My daughter I know that i will die, just give me a dwelling". "I can not move my feet" Another person wounded in the back and can not move, do not know if there is a spinal injury, because he can not move his head. But the problem was not in the spine, the problem was his breathing, everything was seeking to raise his head to breathe. Was saying: "Just rise up my head .. ... I can not breathe. I know that I am going to die, but I just want to breathe." The whole floor was covered with the wounded and everyone is waiting his turn. We had a believe that the hospital has sanctity, And that no one will attack the hospital, and that the army understands that you only doing your role in rescuing people. And you do not have anything in politics, and we are just a doctors saving a spirit of a human, But we did not know that the degree of revenge and hatred has reached to such a degree. The bullet did not penetrate the window. The bullet pierced the wall Someone shouted " .. Sniper .. Sniper .. everybody lie down" Everyone lay on the ground, I was sewing a wound for one of the injured, I put him on the ground and I lay down by his side. We stayed on this situation about a quarter of an hour, no one moving, until situation calmed down, someone checked the outside and found the bottom of the window rows of wounded. The wounded began to ask us about bandages or ligaments so they can stop the bleeding until they be able to come to us. The scene below was filled with wounded, we began to hear a sound of continuously shooting, we began to sense that we are dead. But there was no way back, we are doing our part and there is no room for surrender, we will stay in our position as doctors to the end, even they killed us, we will be killed along with the others. I gave my bag and my stuff to the protesters outside, told them my name and asked them to deliver it to my family. Then we entered an officer of the special forces, he was shouting on us asking to leave raising our hands up. we told him that there are wounded people in the place. We can not leave them, he said: "Either you leave now or die by their side". The threat was clear. My sister and I returned quickly to the tents behind us by the back door, and When the officer notes that he ran to catch us. But we was already mixed with the people in the outside and he could not recognize us. Outside we found injuries everywhere. Shortly after that, they asked everyone They used a megaphones in this request. We hide gas masks, I do not know why they be so upset by gas masks I Left behind me injured people and the still a life They just need to be transferred to intensive care in hospitals In addition to the injuries that were at the upper hospital that I told them in the beginning All these we left them behind us, and the army threatens us to get out of the place without taking them with us.

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The first episode of a series of documentaries "witnesses of the massacre" .
Al Jazeera Mubashir Misr showing certificates on the massacre of resolving Sit-ins Rabaa El Adaweya and the Al-Nahda
Certificate doctor / Fatima Bayad .. One of the doctors at the field hospital in Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square sit

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