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I Remember Lebanon

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"I Remember Lebanon" director: Zeina Aboul Hosn, Lebanon I Remember Lebanon August, 2006 These are the last images I have of Beirut. Pictures I took one week before the first bombs fell on this runway. Hello. My name is Anas Aboul Hosn This is Anas – my 12 year old brother. He wants to be a filmmaker. He only holds a Lebanese passport; no one is trying to evacuate him to safety. Here we’re gonna go on a journey that is beautiful and full of surprises. This is Marianne – my best friend, who never left Lebanon because she had faith that it was again becoming "the paradise of the East" I swallowed my nail, go figure. Show me the others. These are Habiba and Mona, and Sour their dog. They protected this beach in the Tyre, where Green Turtles came every year to lay their eggs… This is the sea… ...the sea.... ...the sea... These are my memories – too bad they are going to be only memories. This is how I remember Lebanon, and how I will always remember Lebanon. But I will also remember how everyone stood by and watched my family, my friends... and my Lebanon burn… The last time Lebanon was on the news, it was during the civil war. And now, we’re in the headlines again. And the 15 years in between? The years of peace, happiness, ambition , hopes for the future? Nobody was interested… it wasn’t a story… So you have never met this land, or these people before… Perhaps if you had, you would now care if they live or die… Thank you for watching and bye bye... Anas, my Mom and Dad managed to cross safely to Syria. Marianne is still in Beirut helping refugees. We have no idea what happened to Habiba and Mona… Only that their area was one of the worst hit… This is what the sea looks like now.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Lebanon
Language: English
Genre: None
Director: Zeina Aboul Hosn
Views: 8,924
Posted by: pangea on Apr 9, 2008

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