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2017 - Return Orders Online

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The return orders online. Okay, so— Okay so again, the online return policy, there's no changes to that. So, and we just highlighted a little of it here. Basically it's that they can return the items purchased within 30 days of delivery. Right, so not from 30 days when they place the order but the 30 days when it's dropped off on my doorstep or wherever it's being delivered to. Okay. So, again— So if they have an account that they placed the order through, then they would login to the account through or Or if they're cookie to me, it would take them to my website. Always, okay. Yep, so then same thing with warranties. So once they login and they get to that home page, they will now see a, I think it's returns is exactly what it says on the side. Yes. They click on that and then they start the requests there and it's the blue button again. So really in your face, simple to see. Okay, so I click on that little 'request my return', click on that button and the next screen is... And the next screen is going to show you any orders that are available for a return. So this is anything that falls within that 30 day window that we just talked about. Okay so 30 days from time it's delivered. On day 32, that return policy is null and void. Correct. It's a 30 day window okay. So they would see the orders there, they'd check the one of the item or items that they want to return. That will then expand and show them the items that were on that order. Whichever ones they want to return then they would simply check the box. Okay so there's little boxes next to it. So they check the box of all the items that they want. So this, you guys probably can't see but it's our bell tumblers, right? Yes, this one is the bell tumblers. So then they would click continue, go to the next steps. Here they would then select a reason, because we want to know, it's just good information for us. You know, this could help us improve the information that we provide online as they're shopping. So, we want to know the reason of the return. Okay, so they would click on whatever it is. For example this one guys, it was either the bell tumblers were too small, too large or wasn't what they thought it was going to be size wise. So they click on that and then it's going to take them to the submitted page. So on here is where it's going to give instructions to the customer as to what they need to do next. So it's going to give them the address. We've highlighted specifically where they need to ship it to and then we asked that they include the information with the return number on there. Okay, so guys, if you can see on the screen, the top left where it's circled, that is the address that it's being shipped back to which is here at the home office. And then the next circle you'll see in the middle of the screen, that is the item number that they must also provide when they're returning it. So that's why we've highlighted if you will, or circled those two things. Because those two things are needed. Yes, they're needed. They must do that okay. And then what happens Jen? Okay, and then we wait for them to mail it back to us. So that gets sent back to customer care. The customer then has the option of being able to view the status of that return at any point. So that they can see if it's been accepted, or if it's been received by customer care and then if it's been processed. And so now I'm returning something, I am now cookied to Anna. So I'm getting this email and Anna, once again, just like the online warranty, Anna is kept in the loop because she's receiving the emails too. -Correct? -Yes. So as a sales force member, you know what's happening with your customers. Okay, perfecto. Yes, this is online, yes they have to have placed an order online. Right, so this is online only either through the Tupperware website or through your website if you're doing a TupperConnect and somebody goes to your website and places an online order through the computer. Not you placing it through My Sales. Correct. Okay, it's them placing it through your website. Yes. Okay so we just walked everyone through the process of those that have an account. But we do still have customers, that they place orders as a guest. So they never logged in to their account before they placed the order. Because they didn't have an account. They didn't have an account, they didn't want to do an account. You know, various reasons. On the online process, if they don't create an account, they can still purchase, they just check out as a guest. As a guest, that's correct. So what they will need to do is they go to the return policy link that will then take them to not only the return policy information but they can start a request there. And then they need to input the information. So basically what they're doing is they're giving us enough information to search for the order and pull that up. So they can then pull it up and then at that point, they go through the regular return process that we just— walked them through. Walked them through. So selecting the item that they want to return, giving the reason, Correct, yes. And then they also have to, once again the address to where to return it to, the little circle red in the left. And then the request number too. Correct. So it's the same process that we just walked you through right? Yes. And so at any point they can also go back here and they can see the status of the return as well. Okay, and now if I'm cookied to Anna, once this is delivered, I mean once it's all...not delivered...once I've returned it, and customer care receives it or Tupperware receives it, the customer gets an email confirmation? I believe so, yes. Okay and that means that Anna would probably get one too. Yes. Okay perfect, so once again, keeping that Sales Force connected so that you can always call and provide that great customer service. Okay so, perfecto. So I think are we good? Any questions? Daniela, anything that we need to discuss online for everybody... that we need to discuss here? One question, okay, can you grab the mic? If a customer orders through TupperConnect, and decides to return it, what happens to the sales credit we earn for this item? The sales credit is not returned. So the sales credit counted towards the party that it was on as well as to the sales force member. And then another question. How will online returns affect host credits? It doesn't have an impact on host credits. Okay, that's it.

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2017 - Return Orders Online

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