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CNM International News

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[CNM INTERNATIONAL NEWS] Welcome to the 8 o'clock CNN news. With you tonight is Jack Anderson and my friend, Mr. Pento Portugal. Hello, my name is Robert—Pedro do Portugal and I'm very happy to be with you and your family, because all the American people has a family and the family is the bass of the United States of America and all the— We have invited tonight Mr. Pento Portugal— What happened? The light is out. Somebody is dying, somebody is borning. What is the borning sulfated in all the flys, ah? Once again, please? What is the borning? The borning is sulfated. What happened? Is the big pav of water calient. You ech water calient in a born sulfated, and the car is arranquing with out any problem in the morning fring of Avellaned. Very fascinating, but we'd rather have some callers to take some questions for you, if you don't mind. Could we have our first caller from Milwaukee, please? No caller from Milwaukee, it appears like. Do we have have a caller from Amarillo, Texas, perhaps? - Seems to be a bad connection. - What happened? What happened with this? - What happened? - Yes. Is a cargad? - Yes, Mr. Pento Portugal. - There we go. Why in Argentina they don't eat more chicken? Well... the chicken argentine is the same... - because the— - Be careful. The poll— The poll is chick or grand. You come to the carnicer, you tell: "Well, give me a poll, two kils mas o mens." And cut in eight, and put in the poll in a cacerol, - with papas—potatos? - No, this is not— - I'm sorry, this is not— - Potatos, ajicits. This is the news hour, sir. We are not interested in your culinary expertise. We have our next program at 9 o'clock that will invite you to talk about that. We'd rather you tell us a little bit about the economic situation on which you were talking previously. You too has many, many problems with me because you are perding terrain in these news. - Excuse me, sir? - You're perding terrain in these news. You're perding terrain in these news, the people said— - I'm sorry, are you trying to tell me something? - The people said— The people said—at all the world— and not the world speak the same in the street. No, no, no, excuse me, sir, I don't think that what you're saying is quite correct. Yes? Look at me: you are enojed, and I'm rising. Why? Because you are calenton. - No, no, no, excuse me, sir. - And I'm—Perdón? - We have— - Why you're touching me? - Why you're touching me? - No, excuse me, sir, we have the kindness to invite from Latin America, from Argentina of all places, to come here tonight to talk, and you are pulling our legs, sir. I think this is what's happening right now, is you're pulling our leg. Well, eh... Esto, this is una typical reaction of the North American calient, and all the people has, este— here, in the United States, calient. - Because, why? Argentine people— - What? Excuse me... - Argentine people... - What does that mean? Excuse me... - Can you tell me what does that mean? - and you know, and you know... And you know good what the Argentine people has - the better people in all the world! - Mister direc— - Please, sir. Please, sir, control yourself, OK? - Sí. Yes. This is the news hour, and we will not have this. - Ay, how you grit me! How you grit me! - Mister director. - Please— - Pero dejame de hinchar las pelotas... todo el tiempo me hacés lo mismo, loco. Me sacás el lugar... Yo así no laburo más, eh? A mí me vinieron—me trajeron acá por otra cosa. Así no ju—no, no, no me gusta. - Me voy. - Tomátela, rosarino. This is the reality, and Rosarin people want to interesting in this, este, centrality. Why? Because we're having the next week with you, with your family, and the next churr is better on all the facturs too. Why the facturs are OK in other country and not here? All the Argentines are truly reventated that outside, in United States or in Argentine, if are viajing and people of mierd. Good night and live it— See you tomorrow in this channel. Thank you. [sings] [CNM INTERNATIONAL NEWS]

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CNM International News

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