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OttoVigil Pt1

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Good evening. My name is Sarah Kenny, and I serve the Student Council President. On behalf of the University of Virginia Student Body, I would like to extend my welcome and my gratitude for those of you joining us this evening. To the students, staff, faculty administrators and community members who have had the great pleasure of knowing Otto, I offer my most sincere condolences for the inconceivable loss of this friend, scholar and community member. To Otto's family I offer my prayers and my empathy for the horrific tragedy that you are facing in the loss of your son, your brother. Although President Sullivan is unfortunately unable to attend this evening's vigil, she has asked that we share the following words I deeply regret that I am unable to be there tonight for the vigil due to previously planned travel please know that I will pause at this hour to join in your spirit of grief and remembrance as you gather to honor the memory of Otto. All of us in the University community are profoundly saddened by his death and we are outraged by the circumstances that led to it. We condemn the horrendous treatment that certainly contributed to Otto's condition in North Korea. Even if we denounce these evil acts, we continue to hope and believe that the forces of love and goodness will overcome evil in the end. And even as we grieve, we fondly remember and celebrate Otto's joyful attitude, sharp intellect, and adventurous spirit. We will remember Otto's finest qualities long after today. We will continue to hold the Warmbier family in our thoughts and prayers in the difficult days ahead. And I encourage you to rely on one another for solace and support. I encourage you to look to the faces of the friends and to the strangers gathered here tonight. And to search for strength for courage in the forces of love and goodness that each one of us holds within. I, who witnessed that love and goodness in the individuals who worked tirelessly to make tonight's vigil possible and to all of you, I am grateful. My wish for tonight is that we are able to begin the healing process the process that will require time, self-care, and faith at both the individual and the collective level. This evening, you will hear from the Commonwealth Secretary of Education Ms. Trent on behalf of Governor McAuliffe and you will hear the blessing from Professor Peter Ochs of most importance you will hear from those who knew and loved Otto to formally bring this vigil to a close you will hear from the leader of the class 2017 the class that Otto should have walked down the lawn with just this past May Following Josh's remarks we invite those of you who feel so compelled to share a memory, a sentiment about the dear friend, we have so unjustly lost Otto, although many of us never had the privilege of knowing you, you have inspired us with the legacy that will forever be part of the University of Virginia Community Good evening, UVA Community My name is Dietra Trent and I am Secretary of Education I am deeply saddened by this occasion and I know that there are absolutely no words that can be said at this point to bring consolation to this community or to the world for that matter I think we are all in awe and shock and dismay for the evil acts of one who deserves absolutely no recognition, no acknowledgment, what-so-ever and I don't hope not to get too political I'm a little furious at this at what has happened The Governor unfortunately is overseas on a Trade Mission he left on Saturday, or Sunday and was not able to be here when we did the invitation to attend, he asked that I come and extend his condolences and he did send a letter from he and his wife and I'd like to read it at this time. Dear Friends Dorothy and I extend our deepest condolences upon the tragic death of Otto Frederick Warmbier who just left the University and the country shocked and saddened As a Theta Chi Fraternity brother and student of McIntire School of Commerce Otto was an engaging and brilliant young man with a promising future. In high school, Otto was Homecoming King and captain of this soccer team as well as Salutatorian of his graduating class Around the University of Virginia Grounds, Otto was known for his unique style and collegial spirit I'm sure that his kindness, love and devotion to family and friends will never be forgotten I'm truly inspired to see the UVA Community come together in solidarity due on this time Otto's untimely death has brightly sparked public outlay across the nation he was undeserving of his treatment by the North Korea regime and we as Virginians condemn these actions We must continue to face evil with the unified front to ensure that this tragedy is never repeated My prayers remain with the Otto Warmbier's family and friends, and the UVA Community during this time Thank you. Good evening Professor Vanessa Ochs is far away tonight and unable to come, but she sent me these words to speak to you I am Professor Peter Ochs Vanessa Ochs offers words as we gather tonight Words from Otto's dearest tradition we remember Otto and hold him and his family in our hearts we share two prayers First, these words of Poet Zelda each of us has a name given by God and given by our parents Each of us has a name given by our stature and our smile and given by what we wear Each of us has a name given by the mountains and given by our walls Each of us has a name given by the stars and given by our neighbors Each of us has a name given by our sins and given by our longing Each of us has a name given by our enemies and given by our love Each of us has a name given by our celebrations and given by our work Each of us has a name given by the seasons and given by our blindness Each of us has a name given by the sea and given by our death. At Otto's family funeral his family will be reciting the words of the Jewish prayers for Mourner's Kaddish These are not words one might expect a mourner to utter, since they say nothing about death, and loss and speak instead almost counter intuitively about the abiding presence of God How can we speak these words when our hearts are so torn the words hold us together there are mysteries we can not fathom we share these ancient words with you now and as you hear them please join me in words with your hearts to pray that Otto's family and friends will be comforted in time by the blessing of his memories If it is your habit, please rise you may also sit (Mourner's Kaddish) Good evening My name is Kevin Davoli and I was one of Otto's pledge brothers It's an honor and privilege to be in front of you all tonight on behalf of the brothers of Theta Chi here at UVA We are heartbroken at the loss of one of our closest friend, Otto Warmbier Even with heavy hearts, we are comforted by the outpouring love and support from the UVA community and we thank you all for being here tonight to remember and celebrate an incredible person, and an extraordinary life that he led. Otto truly was one of a kind He had such an uncommon charisma that made every interaction with him unforgettable those lucky enough to have known him through the kind of impression he can leave. From his sharp intellect to his unique, and sometimes peculiar taste Otto was someone who followed his passion with unwavering bravery He lived his life with ambition and integrity always showing respect to his friends, brothers classmates and family We first came to know Otto in spring of 2014 upon receiving bids to join Theta Chi His fun loving attitude quickly made him the life of the party and someone whose energy was infectious at all hours of the day Otto went out of his way to invest himself in our lives deeply and at times, pushed his limits to make us feel comfortable or make sure that we made it home safely He was big on human connection, and valued inner personal relationships heavily often skipping handshakes upon introduction in exchange for a 'bring it in,' or "let's hug it out' and a tight embrace. Otto had a passion for adventure like nobody else whether it was his pursuit for unbeatable hummus in Israel on a Birthright trip with members of our pledge class or confidently leading the exploration of a city he had never been to. Otto's curiosity led with grace in a manner that only astounded He was brilliant but never made you feel less than helpful but never invasive captivating but never overbearing One of my favorite things about Otto was his eye for thrifting the man had bins of unique items he had accumulated in regularly Things I don't know where they made, but thin My favorite piece was this yellow cardigan spotted with lighthouses from around the country that he kept hung on his closet He'd let me wear it just once but it wasn't only about him Otto frequently bought items for his friends when he thought that would suit them better never expecting anything in return Billy, who will be speaking later, and I are both wearing pieces we got thrifting earlier today We all have plenty of stories I can tell here some probably not appropriate for this venue that will live on in our hearts and minds indefinitely It's surreal that he's gone, especially in this way but I know Otto is looking down on us smiling that goofy smile of his. I'll close with some remarks one of our pledge brothers Tim McKinney wrote in the Facebook post yesterday commemorating Otto's time with us. Otto, you are model for all in drive, energy, compassion, and friendship Your abounding love for life and all its highs and lows inspires me always to go out and seize every day. Your grit and will, your ability to put your nose to the grindstone, to meet goals and not take "no" for an answer, showed me how much influence we can have in our world. Your quick wit, usually good humor and positive energy lit up rooms and changed moods.

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