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The other day, I was in the car driving the kids to school. It’s early in the morning, and I am a bit grumpy. The kids always tell me that I shouldn’t shout at other people driving cars, but this one guy, I’ve waited for him as he drove past some other cars, because there was only one way that a car could go, and I waited and I waited; it felt like he took for two weeks to get there, and then at the end of it he didn’t even look at me, he didn’t even acknowledge me, he didn’t even wave a hand and say ‘thanks’. I was livid. I went off on one, and the girls went, ‘Dad, loads of the times you don’t ever say thank you for anything we do!’ Thank you is such an important word. It’s a word we know we want to hear when we’ve done something for other people, it’s a word that we want to give when we’ve experienced something great. I’ve got a great friend who isn’t a follower of Jesus, and doesn’t believe in God. He phoned me the other day because he was out somewhere in the world, and he saw an amazing view, a sunset. And he phoned me and he said, ‘Chris, I wanted to say thank you for what I saw, but I didn’t know who to thank.’ There’s an amazing story in Luke chapter 17. Jesus meets 10 lepers; people who are untouchables in His day. They call out to Him for mercy, and extraordinarily, miraculously, all 10 are healed. They go off to show themselves to the priest, and then 9 go on their way, 1 comes back to say thank you. The point of the story is that God shows the same love to everybody. Shows the same kindness to everybody. Makes everybody the object of His goodness and His love. But what Jesus truly wants, is he wants a relationship, and that starts with us saying thank you. So today, I encourage you to go over the top in thinking about saying ‘thank you’. Saying thank you to God for everything that you have, even the hard things. An old mystic in the 12th century called Meister Eckhart said: ‘If we only ever prayed one prayer, ‘thank you’ would be enough.’

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