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Don Peppers - Culture eats strategy for breakfast

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Culture. Don Peppers According to Peter Drucker, Leading expert in Customer-Focused business strategies culture eats strategy for breakfast. "Culture eats strategy for breakfast What he meant by that was, Peter Drucker (1909-2005) you can have all the strategy you want, you can make all the plans, you can put all the processes in place, but if your people, you can't write a line of code, or a business process rule requiring employees to delight the customer. Employees have to want to delight the customer. Harvard Medical School did a study to assess management styles and cultures and relate them to the frequency of nursing mistakes. They looked at good management styles and bad management styles, which created poisonous cultures. The bad management styles were often highly hierarchical, dictatorial, and employees sometimes were abused. But here's what they found something interesting. It turned out that the best-managed units What they found was, reported far more mistakes! But why? the best-managed units reported more mistakes. Why? Well, because in the best-managed units, reporting a mistake allowed you to fix the mistake and you could focus on the mistakes. In the poorly managed units, they hid mistakes. It wasn't they weren't making more mistakes, they were hiding them and so they couldn't improve at all. Because if you reveal the mistake, you'll get criticized. Your employees, they want to work for a trustable company. This has proved to us by one of our consulting clients in the US. It was a telecom company and after first brainstorming with senior managers for all the different ways this company could be more trustable. Our consultants send emails at the frontline and other workers for any suggestions they might have on how to be more trustable. We got hundreds of new ideas and suggestions from more than 3,000 frontline employees. Amazing, amazing. Ideas that the managers have not thought of because your frontline employees, they deal with customers all the time.

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Don Peppers - Culture eats strategy for breakfast

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