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How the pyramids were built

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The stones steps Knaght at Sei Stand in Saqqara This is the oldest intact stone monument in the world, and the first key to unlocking the mystery of the pyramids. Sixty years before King Kufuh the Egyptians first constructed this now familiar shape by laying six great rectangles of stones one on top of the other. This would enable them to create a monument That they believed possessed immense secret power. At the beginning of time, according to egyptian myth There was nothing but watery chaos. From that chaos emerged the first mound of dry land in the shape of a pyramid. It was a shape that symbolised life But some impulse had made the egyptians choose that shape for a tomb, the tomb of their king. Sixty years later, in 2480 B.C. The same impulse had brought the new King, KuFuh, up to the desert with a carefully chosen retinue He was here to witness the first and most important ceremony of his entire reign Contrary to some recent theories, the pyramids weren't built by people from outerspace But they were built by people obssesed with outerspace. The Egyptians measured everything by the stars: Their calendar, the Nile's flood And they did so by noticing that the stars all moved Everything in the night sky was in motion Everything but for one dark, still point. Round that dark, still point, two especially bright stars turned in a constant circle. When one star was directly above the other a plumb line could be held up against them. It now past through that dark, still point with perfect accuracy. The single most important act in the building of the Great Pyramid had taken place before a stone of it was laid but of this, Knagt and his fellow builders knew nothing.

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