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A JOURNEY TO THE BEGINNING OF THE ENDLESS 28 DAYS TO A SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE KAREN BERG Hi, again, friends. It is so nice to be with all of you. I am looking into a camera, but I feel your warmth as you watch this video. I want to reiterate something that I had said before, and that is about the use of the 72 Names. For those of you that are familiar with your Kabbalah, or, have seen the three letter words, the Hebrew words... The reason for each one is to take away fear or arrogance, to have unconditional love which is what we will talk about. Healing. Every one of those three letter words represents an energy or source, by which, through meditating with the words, and using them internally, we can help free ourselves from the bonds that constrict us in our way of action, in things that we need to do for ourselves and for others. And, so, today we will concentrate, probably, on the most important, at least, for most of us, the most important of the 72 Names. And that is unconditional love. <i>Hei-Hei-Ayin</i> Why is this one of the most important of the 72 Names of God? Because, if one does not have love for one's self, for others, it is so difficult to live in a world where your heart is closed. Because you cannot have love for somebody else, if you do not understand yourself, if you do not have respect for yourself. Your love is always conditional. And, so, today we will concentrate on opening the heart in a way that will allow us to appeal to our own senses of unconditional love. And, so, please, if you will, lie your hands flat on your side with your feet flat on the floor. Allow your breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Again, in through your nose, hold, out through your mouth. Close your eyes, and again, just this breathing. (inaudible) breaths. Allow the muscles of your face and shoulders to relax, down your spine and all your internal organs; to the hips, release, down to the bottom of your fingertips. To relax and to hear just the sound of my voice. And there is not anything out there. You are one with the universe. You are relaxed and calm, and prepared to go on this journey. Find yourself walking on the sides of the beach. Your feet are soft in the warm sand. You feel a goodness about you, the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze. Just for a few moments we sit our self near the water and watch the ripples. Touch the warm sand and feel it warming our eternal being. And as we are there, feel the ripples of the sea as if they are forming a union through the heart. Feel the heart almost rippling softly and gently. Opening. Feel the calm and joy as the heart, slowly, through the ripples, washes itself to a place of opening. In that opening, there is self awareness. There is calm. There is a place of being which is contented, cared about. Now, extend that feeling and allow that to embrace the external part of your being as well. Because love, or the feeling of being loved, or compassion, or real friendship, can only come to one whose heart is open. For otherwise, we are half a friendship, half a love. And in half a being, sometimes, we find our self at no being at all. In this exercise, we choose to form a beam, a wave, that opens and a light that shines out from us. It circles our being. To feel our (inaudible) and warm, warm with a compassionate spirit that allows our heart to be. For in that opening, we find the beauties in our friends and in our loved ones that, oftentimes, we have not looked quite far enough to find. Dig deeply and feel, and hope, and extend all of that love. First, internally to yourself as a light beam. Radiate light. And then take that light through the resonance of your heart and extend it forward. Take whomever you choose, the closest person to you, and generate that energy to that being. Share, share that light, that energy, that joy inside of you (inaudible) And feel each person as well. Light help, through the heart, to the head, down through the body, to their whole being. It is almost in harmony with you, generating a force of energy that binds you together. And in that energy, to find the forgiveness if you have hurt each other. Tell the person, tell the person that we are sorry for so many times we have caused each other pain. Feel the resonance of oneness and warmth and compassion. We are human beings and frail. We stumble and fall. It is our heart that allows us to see each other in their frailties and to help them rise again, to walk again, to be friends again. Allow that to be with you at this moment: compassion, warmth. Allow that to be the source of you coming from words and letters. With the <i>Hei</i>, <i>Hei</i>, <i>Ayin</i>. Now feel it into your heart and through your being again. Through the source of life, through the heart, out to the extended being that is with you. Generate through that light streams between you two. <i>Hei, Hei, Ayin.</i> A love that exists within you without an agenda. <i>Hei,</i> <i>Hei, Ayin.</i> It is a gift to use these letters. Feel power and joy. Take another deep breath through the nose. We are on a beach. It is warm and comfortable. There is a soft breeze as the water hits our feet gently. I will count from one to five, and at five, we will come back to the here and now. One... Two... Three... Four... Five. Thank you. @KAREN_BERG

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