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Lara Aragon - Magaluf, Spain - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~12:15:00-12:44:59

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The paddling pool is great! She says: ''I'm going to my cot because I feel better there'' Hello Melanie! And she went to the cot... And she went to the cot. Isn't that right? And she went to the cot...which was better! Let's see if it's from the hospital Hi Rolo Ok... Bone surgery is really long Rolo... Don't lose hope... and grandma is elderly But you didn't hear it from me... Well... Get lost I love you. Bye Nothing, just that they have taken my grandmother into the operating theatre... How is she? It's 12.30 pm, they took my grandmother into theatre at 7.00 am and still no news about her No? Wasn't your mom supposed to arrive before the operation? She's now at the hospital Well she is already worn out because she went... from San Juan in Puerto Rico to Madrid in 14 hours because they stopped in New York Here you go I am tired, I am hot, I am everything I... I'm going to put her in Claudia's pool That was what you were going to say Can we put her in it here? Here you go Let's take her for a dip You are going to the pool...byee! Wait and see if the water is warm, eh If it stays there in the sun...eight years Wait Wow Wow how lucky! Hello Claudia! Hello! Ladybird The water's fine! The water's fine! Her hair is growing now Since she was born, up to now, she's got more hair now Really? Yes but it's like yours Sweetie! She's going to be a blondie Now, now Like mine, how about that... A redhead like her mother Today we were playing and she said: "Thank you"" Thank you Is that so? Who taught her that? Who is that? Denisse If I give you mine, will you teach her for me? Yes If you buy me a dress for the child like Denisse, Yes Denisse buys me dresses And I make her hairpiece Shit, I have more than enough for myself, I did it for my own sake And who does favours for me? Nobody Get lost! Ladybird Tell her to get lost Get Lost! Sweetie! Come here! You can see she's going to look like Melanie I'm going to put her trousers on Excuse me, it's just not right that you are here in the campsite and he is there... No...if I went by myself to ask when he left Nobody knows Nobody knows because there are problems in the entrance to the plaza Hello! Gorgeous sunkissed girl! It is...noo. Because it is all...nooo! It's all to do with the ground undergoing maintenance It's a problem for lorries and everything to drive around it So they were still there...Angel still hadn't come out of there It's lovely! With the heat you don't know We know how we're going to travel either I know I'm travelling because I travel, but... Claudia! And yesterday Alvaro says to me... I say "Look there is no way back et cetera, I can't go because there is no way back" And he says to me... Well you have stayed and you'll come over the next day, or within the next couple of days I can stay or I don't know what And I say: "I'm not going now" Water! Water! Water! Water! Gorgeous sunkissed girl! Hello! What? Tell her: "Mommy, let me bathe myself because it's what I want" Oh! oh! oh! Sweetie! Go and put on her trousers That's the way we are... ♪ There is nothing more to do! ♪ What's that? Oh, ok! Oh, she want's to touch the water! Oh, how lovely darling! She's off! Ouch! Facing forward, phew! But, why don't I put your head in girl? Don't put her head in! If you don't she will try to swim underwater Oh! Now she want's to swim underwater Oh my, it's wonderful! Look how much fun she's having Darling look at Judith Give it to Judith Look how she wants to go under, eh She sits? Yess With her nappy on?'s fine What? Oh, sweetie! The water is lovely! How looovely! The water is nice! I'm going to my pool, but my pool is hosepipe Oh, oh! Claudia! Not that! No come on! This is is more cushioned It doesn't stay fixed, eh? Who set it up ? I'll kick your arse Who set it up? You? Judith? This water is nice! Because it needs the strap How nice! How nice! How lovely, how nice! Claudia, what is the baby doing? Is she in the water? Water! Water! Hello Melanie! Water! Look, the most beautiful cutie Water! How lovely she is! How lovely he is! How are your little sores, darling? What are you doing Kristel? Because she likes this The mosquitos have eaten you, baby Tell her: "Da" "Da" You have filled up your nappy! Now she weighs triple! Yes You have filled up your nappy! Claudia is here Dressed, how lovely! How lovely! It's because I wanted to come in here Oh, ok. Open the door and come in Does she know how to open the door now, or what? Can you? No No Are you also wanted in a caravan? Is Melanie there? No, sweetie Si! Oh! how nice! Oh how nice! Oh how nice! Oh how nice! The toupée that needs work The hairpiece Well, I think that you have now wet yourself again, eh? I'm throwing in the towel We will not stand for it, we will not stand for it! na,na,na,na,na,na na,na,na,na,na,na ♪ You are going to die here... Give me a towel they have put the baby in the water Thank goodness she didn't fall into the pool We'll wring you out Come here Like the tea towels Hello! Oh! I'll eat you! Oh, I'll eat you! No, poo! My goodness! I have now cooled off Thanks Kristel You are frozen! What, what, what? What, what and what! My little thing! Still...Lara, Do you know if they are still there? Yes. It's fine... Yes, yes. They are still there they have not left But...have they now been able to enter? Angel says that all the... Police were there, and everyone Of course! Because there will be a lot of traffic and a lot... No! they have lifted the entire..the entire ground So for the lorries to go around et cetera, it's really difficult Because they are fixing pipes as they didn't inspect them during the year, when the summer arrives it fills They inspect them in the summer No...because the population triples So you imagine that 10 people use... the culvert, and suddenly 3000 people use it Of course So it becomes obstructed If they are not properly inspected... Usually the summer periods, is when they carry out works Always, in all the gaps Yes! I don't understand it, eh You're better! A sticky little thing, but better What! What a busy life you have And ours, today No. No, no, no, no Shhhh! Janet, no No, no ,no, no Nooo! Here What's wrong my love? Will you look at me for minute? I'm going to make up a bottle Let go. Now, now Will you move her a little over here? Where is everyone? Oh! How much boy! And how much baby girl? I can put up with almost everything Here you go... I'm going to bed because... Yes I went also It's over here, by the lady Let's see if you go over there! It has exhausted him, hasn't it? My father always cleaned with that The patio at the house in the summer But I don't want the baby to go there It is very difficult! This is for the creepy-crawlies It is a disinfectant And that swimsuit? Birthday Ohh, they gave it to you as a present Well, this year we haven't asked you what you would like... Do you also want clothes like last year? I don't know... Whatever you want... I don't know what I want Well think about it It is better if we buy you something you want We don't want to buy you something that you don't want Of course... What have they done with the canines, the dog tags and those things? You spend the entire day trapped, eh? Ok, you have to get a 12 I must win! Another game? Well I have that What? This one Are you all playing? Dorian and I No! Nooo it can't be! Yuyin, get another little bottle of water, hurry Fer, can I get past? I have one less star And two for Dorian Another game? Great Now I remember how they do... Wow! You've won? Yes... Fer, let her get past, come on You must be dead from the heat, no? Eh? Are you also dead from the heat? No, I say so because perhaps, when you are hot you prefer to eat sandwiches... I make sandwiches for everyone It's because when it is hot... What a fright you have given me, Lol! How do you like my caravan, eh? You can't deny it Do you know, Fernando, that when Lolo was little, they took Lolo and Fran to the circus The first year, do you remember? When they got bored they ran off and went into my caravan to watch the TV Do you remember? Suddenly Angel would say: "I am hearing noise coming from the caravan, is there someone out there" And when we came out the two would be asleep on the sofa Lola loved it, do you remember? You were teeny-weeny, teeny-weeny Another game? You are always drawing the same ones, Dorian Let's see if this time I do better Doña Fu is falling asleep ♫ Little darling girl ♪ Eh, shall we arm wrestle? What's it got to do with this? Me with the other You're going to leave me without.. You have left me without money I now have 0 euros Zero euros and two stars No, Claudia! You must if you want to trade and get 3 stars Here it is now... look Still no, but soon... What are you doing? Listen Lolo, why did you pick a fight with Fran yesterday? What? Why did you pick a fight with Fran yesterday? Were you very cross with him? Well Fran, have you thought about what you want us to give you now? Clothes...or what you want? well I'll go with that, alright? Then if you don't like it... Look Punchy. Punchy asked for an electric guitar Because it's what he wants It's cool so she is drinking it... It's just that this morning she didn't eat very well She ate with you all, I don't know, but the next one she had here, she didn't eat anything And then you saw, She ate two mouthfuls and didn't want any more I am out They beat you? I can't win or lose Where are you off to over there, man? But is was a little muddled, no? Because... Ok. And now that it is over, are they coming here now? Eh? But the caravan no, no? Nothing, Angel's battery is dead Listen Dorian...Lolo, didn't you bring Fran's DS? What?

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Duration: 30 minutes
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Mara Pérez
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Posted by: globallives on Oct 30, 2013

Lara spends time with the rest of the circus mums. They cool off their babies in a toy pool. Older children play video games in Lara's caravan.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Lara Aragon.

This video was produced by Mara P̩rez, Chino Saavedra, Pablo Barrientos, Paromita Dhar, and Carlos Rodriguez.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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