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Oregon State University START Program - new student orientation

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Welcome to OSU Bienvenidos a OSU Welcome to OSU Welcome to OSU Powered by Orange means getting involved on campus. From trying anything from writing for the Barometer which is our daily paper to joining a fraternity to joining a sports team or a club team. We have hundreds of activities and clubs and what not Get involved in a sports club Also we have a lot of art and theater. Anything you want pretty much we have here. So don't be shy. It's a great way to meet new people and have a lot of fun. I am Jami Lanz. I'm a gymnast here at Oregon State University. I'm a speech communications major and a new media communications minor. I enjoying helping out in the Corvallis community. And I am Powered by Orange. Being Powered by Orange means that you as an undergraduate have the opportunity to do research with world renowned faculty. You'll find that OSU offers several resources such as the Academic Success Center and the Math Learning Center Here one can draw from the experiences of other students like yourself. WE'RE POWERED BY ORANGE! Being Powered by Orange means being mindful. Not just talking about sustainability but living it. Corvallis is one of the most bike friendly cities in Oregon. We have two bike shops on campus. OSU students volunteer all over campus and in the community. If you have a cause, there are lots of people on campus to help. OSU students have the choice to vote where their student fees go to. And students chose to pay for green friendly energy. The exercise machines at Dixon Recreation Center are connected to the power grid. So it pretty much means that students are powering the university. My name is Amy Finney and I am Powered by Orange. When you come to OSU you are instantly part of a strong network. There are more than 140,000 Beaver alumni around the world. Being Powered by Orange means to show school spirit and be proud of being a part of Oregon State University. We have a lot to be proud of here whether it be our Pac-10 sports teams or being one of the nation's leading research universities. A way students show their pride is by wearing our colors, black and orange. As well as going to the sporting events and getting prime seating right in the action. I'm Bill Murray and I'm powered by orange. My advice for you would be to make the best you can out of your time here and meet your professors. Get to know them. Make sure to not take anything for granted in college and to enjoy every minute and get involved in everything. Keep up with your studies because once you get behind it's really hard to get back up. Make sure you can get your studies out of the way before you participate in any other activities. And that should be the best way to go. Get involved at KidSpirit. Make sure and go to class. Take advantage of Dixon as much as possible because it's there and it's free. Keep in contact with your advisors. Make early contact with them. When I leave here, a fond memory that I will take with me is being a START leader. It was a great opportunity to just get involved and to be able to help orientate new students to our university. Now you're Powered by Orange. Now you're Powered by Orange. Now you're Powered by Orange. Now you're Powered by Orange. You're Powered by Orange.

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START gives new students at Oregon State University an opportunity to come to campus, attend academic presentations, meet other new and current students, stay in the residence halls and register for fall term classes.

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