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Do you have anxiety about your life today? I would not like to exaggerate this subject, but also not belittle it. In my internet forum this subject was also fiercely discussed. Under the Islamic law there is a consent that indicates: "Those who fall away from the Islamic belief will be killed." The Prophet Mohammed said: "Whoever changes his religion, should be killed.” One must understand that the Muslims that take the prophets and the Koran seriously, deriving their right direction on the basis of Mohammeds example... from him. And then in the forum it was just also... only later was it still discussed, shall we need an Islamic country in order to kill Barino? And then someone wrote: "In Islam it is so that one needs no Islamic state in order to behead someone like you. " Meaning that because – and there we ask the Islam expert Dr. Hünseler – that he has fallen away from the belief in Germany, he is endangered from your viewpoint? Yes, he is endangered. Not because that would be justified, but rather since there are different scholarly opinions within Islam, but there are sufficient people who would understand this so and would also implement it. You just said in the film that you won humaneness within you and this is also why you just turned away from Islam. Does that mean that Islam today is an inhuman religion for you? Well, I am a multicultural person. I myself am half Egyptian, half German. My nephews are Indian, Egyptian, German. I love the multiculturalism and I also found along this path to Islam, that I have not closed, but rather opened the different cultures. And so I also now came in contact with Islam. When I was involved in Islam, I became… I always detached myself more and always became monocultural because Islam – as we have understood Islam – that the only right way is the way of the Prophet Muhammad. That means that Muslims bring everyone back to the Koran And the tradition of the Prophet Mohammed. Would you then say that Islam is really a violent or a peaceful religion? We now have only cast a spotlight here in a certain direction, namely in the violence. And one cannot just help but have to assess, that in the Koran, in the Hadith, there are comments regarding this but one has to completely make the picture, but also say that there are also other spotlights. There are also quotes from the Koran that similarly claim: “If you killed a man, then it is as if you had killed all of mankind.” That sounds a little like “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Therefore we must determine: That Islam provides both components, not only one. And I would say: That the most crucial thing in Islam is the Scharia, the abidance of the Scharia for every individual. These are the commands: that a man can lead a dignified, righteous life before God. All additional questions state, if I may still say the point -- So what is important for me to say: I have not only studied Islam as an ideology for 5 years, but also lived 5 years as a Muslim. And I knew the most wonderful people in Islam. I had such amazing experiences with the people who I laughed with loved, took part in all possible emotions with, and on that account I am the first to just drive a clear distinction between the wonderful people and the ideology. But would you say, nevertheless, that there are a serious number of German converts, that are just absolutely violent, and would also support undertakings of terrorism? Yes, because the ones that convert to Islam do not accept Islam as a cultural heritage Instead, they lead everything on the life of the Prophet And back to the Koran. And the root of the violence is also to be found there. In this specific case, with the decline of the satirical figures, would a Muslim now lead back to the life of the Prophet and ask: How did the Prophet conduct himself when he was ridiculed? And there is just a clear account over the life of the Prophet, that he then had those who ridiculed him, killed. You have addressed, sometimes, that one kills these satirical figures. How do you think about that then today? Well, for me, it is a moral catastrophe that one can think such a thing, but in the Islamic sources ,if I refer back to the life of the Prophet, I can see no other conclusion, except that it is legitimate to kill those that the prophet mocked. I still have one last question: You have withdrawn from the belief, therefore from Islamic practice you are now baptized. Could you imagine that you would change your mind over again And under circumstances still become Muslim once again? So, my knowledge about the ideology immunizes me against this ideology. The people are wonderful and I would be really glad if I could keep up further endearing contact with them, but the ideology for me, the ideology itself I comprehended, seizes and immunizes my knowledge of this ideology. That was exciting, what we learned from you. Thanks also, that you stand up to the mandate because it really is not ordinary and because you must put up with some persecution under these circumstances. Thank you very much! Also for your visit! Thank you! And star tv reports equal w--

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Posted by: krystalmelson on Oct 20, 2008

eX-MUSLIM speaks out in Germany

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