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Maximize Cattle Feed Efficiency = Vita Ferm with Amaferm

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You're about to discover the key ingredient to maximum feed efficiency, performance and profitability in your beef feeding program. It's not a yeast, hormone, antibiotic or probiotic It's an all-natural, completely safe microbial called Amaferm . . . found in all Vita Ferm products. There's nothing else like it on the market. It's like getting two products in one convenient package. With Amaferm, your cattle get the highest possible nutritional value from their feed. It unlocks valuable nutrients in pasture grasses, forages and feeds regardless of their quality or consistency. It helps animals optimize feed usage. While helping beef producers, like you, minimize feed costs. With the highest quality ingredients and increased levels of key vitamins and trace minerals Vita Ferm assures top performance and genetic potential from each animal. Amaferm is perfect for all beef operations - - - big or small. It delivers high for every phase of your beef operation. From Cow/Calf to Starting Calves to Backgrounding and Finishing animals to Show Cattle. That's what producers from around the country are telling us about using a year-round program of Vita Ferm with the Amaferm advantage. "There was one or two years there we thought we'd try something different due to various reasons and management practices . . ." "and boy, right away from Brand X we could tell right away that we weren't satisfied" "because the cattle weren't satisfied with the other products." "The big thing for me is that ability to do more early Spring and late Fall grazing " "and now we're attempting Winter grazing as well." "I would never believed we could graze through the winter in this country - I thought we are WAY to far North for that." "You know, the snow would be too much of a problem and the cold - even if it wasn't snow - that the intense cold "- we just wouldn't meet the energy requirements on these cattle." "So like I said, that's where the Amaferm has given us that confidence to try it. You know - I wouldn't have tried it without it." "Well, we're using it in all phases now even clear on through the finishing phase." "We are running some cattle out on wheat - which here in this part of Nebraska is not a highly utilized practice." "but what we're finding is that even out on wheat, where you have a forage that tends to go through the cattle really fast" "which can cause them to be unsettled - - - They seem to stay really satisfied." Discover the key ingredient for yourself - Visit or call 800-821-3070 - 816-238-3326

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Posted by: micasa005 on Aug 18, 2008

Science and on-farm information to help producers maximize profits through increased feed efficiency.

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