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I'm Jamie Goldberg! For ASL 1 I had Lynn and I'm a psychology major. I'm Tom! My ASL 1 was Kevin Richmond and my major is English and education My name is Abby. My ASL teacher was Alex I'm a secondary ed math major And my minor is special education. My name is Mary Alex-Purcell. My ASL teacher ASL 1 was Kevin and my major is elementary education I'm Olivia Ruggiano. My ASL 1 professor was Kevin. I"m currently undecided but want to go into CSD and minor in sign language . My name is Sarah Patton My major is psychology Jon: And your ASL 1 teacher? Sarah: Alex My name is Alyssa Miller. My ASL 1 teacher was Alex Lynch. And my major is psychological sciences. I first took ASL because my roommate raved about her experience taking ASL 1. And I hated taking, I took French, Spanish, Latin, like I tried them all. And hated them all. So, I figured why not take ASL. I first took it because it counted as an English for my major requirement. But then as I took the class, I realized it was a lot of fun and wanted to take ASL 2. I first took ASL because I had switched into the English program as well as education and that required a language requirement. and I really didn't want to take Spanish so I took ASL because it seemed like a different interesting class to take My best friend is Deaf so I wanted to learn sign language to communicate with him better. To be completely honest I didn't want to take another spoken language because I took French in high school and it was absolutely terrible. So, I was like " oh this has got to be easy but then i quickly learned I mean it wasn't hard but it was much more engaging then I thought and I was really happy with it. I fell in love with it!!! Exact reason, I mean it was so much fun and like it's much different from a spoken language where you're sitting there trying to learn like gender and nouns and like all these things and you get so confused but with ASl it's like pretty universal but it's still so engaging. So, its like you can't not pay attention in class. Like, you just get kinda absorbed into. I first took ASL because it counted as an English requirement for my major But then as I took the class I decided it was a lot of fun and I wanted to take ASL 2. A lot more difficult! Jon: How so? Sarah: How so! The grammar is different So, the way we learned things in ASL 1 was super different from the way we learned things in ASL 2 In the beginning, it was pretty similar. So, I was like happy with it but now as we are going it gets a little bit tougher but it's still its not like a huge jump. It's a very gradually increase of difficulty which is nice! It was definitely more challenging then I expected it to be. You have a lot higher volume of signs to learn at a time. And a lot of the material is more complex in terms of specific types of signs that you are using. But, I mean I didn't find it unbearably difficult at all I mean, if you work on it and pay attention in class you're going to be fine Other than that, we are just getting into more instead of just like colors, names, places, we are getting into the actual syntax if you will of the language I would say that ASL 2 is more difficult It's different though, where you do the book work before you actually come to class instead of having it afterwards But I don't think it is anymore difficult It's a lot more interesting though. Because you can communicate a lot better with your classmates and with Alex Because you know more signs it's a lot easier It doesn't really change the difficulty Harder but not hard like impossibly harder. Like, its definitely a step up because it is ASL 2. But its not, you know. It's not terrible it's not like overly working. ASL 2, is slightly more difficult more because it has to do with finer details compared to ASL 1 but I think it is worth it to learn how to do details and have better conversations. Content wise but if you practice and you sign outside of class, you will be fine I think Alex is a little stricter with his signs then Kevin was. But that is just because he is a different professor I suppose. The material is also a little more harder because it gets a little more in depth its a little less vocabulary and a little more bit more grammar orientated. A little bit. You have to more you have to know more about sentence structure which was a little bit more difficult And, felt like the expectation to know the sentence structure was a lot more but other than that not really! In terms of actually participating i think they are higher. I think you are expected to share responses and participate on your own instead of being told to stand up and sign I think that the expectations were higher. Just that it is not basic language anymore You are trying to get to the details of it. So, the expectations are higher that you able to retain more information. Practice, practice, practice. If even like you are taking ASL 1 second semester and you have a summer before ASL 2, practice. Even if you just have like Christmas break, practice. Like whereever! Sign in the car, like we were just talking about but finger spell all the time, whatever you see. Just to pay attention in class and you will be fine i noticed in my own ASL 1 class there were a couple of kids falling behind at the end of the year and I think that there is a few more now. Like, kinda struggle with the material and don't know whats going on because they don't know the signs But if you just keep at it and keep doing your homework than you will be fine and its just amazing. I would tell them to brush up on what they do know and prepare for a great class Practice! I know a lot of people who do not practice and they don't know how to communicate and it is frustrating when you have someone like me who practices outside of class and someone who doesn't practice tries to communicate and you have no idea what they are saying! I would say that they both have there own different kind of teaching styles.

Kevin uses the book a little less then Alex does and yeah they are both really energetic teachers and I really like them both a lot. I think it's a little bit different he definitely follows the book a lot more in class in ASL 2 but I think it works better for that type of class.

Personally, I liked Alex's class better because he allows us to really... I felt like the class was a community We all know each other and as soon as we walked in we would sign to each other and i feel that Alex has been the one to create that kind of class. Don't skip class because I did that during ASL 1 and it was so easy but now like I missed one class and I feel like I'm so behind and that was two months ago. Also, I would just say just have fun with it.

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