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Burns Hyundai Kona SEL Walkaround

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- Hey everybody. I'm Taylor McGlone, I'm one of the Salespeople here at Burns Hyundai, and the car I wanted to talk to you about today is the North American Crossover of the Year, the Hyundai Kona. Look how beautiful this car is. The Kona was actually first released in early 2018 as a brand new Hyundai model and it's the second crossover that's in the Hyundai line, next to the Hyundai Tuscon. Now the Hyundai Kona comes with so many features that are already standard, such as bluetooth, a backup camera, a touchscreen, an Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, which has actually become a fan favorite with Hyundai models. Now take a look at the front end of the Kona you can see the headlight has a little bit of a different wraparound design and what they're actually trying to do is trying to incorporate that little form to the Hyundai models. You still have the hexagonal grove which is award winning with Hyundai, it's a fan favorite. Now let's take a walk around the car just so you can see it's not your average SUV, it's a crossover, it's a little bit smaller, it's a little bit more comfortable, look at this color, too, it's beautiful, isn't it? Now I do want to show you the cargo space. The seats do fold down, you do have 60-40 split folding seats. All the way underneath at the bottom here you do have a spare tyre as well. Alright. Now why don't we hop in the car and go over some of the features on the inside? Now the model we're currently sitting in is called the Kona SEL. You have heated seats. You also have the Hyundai SmartSense features, such as blind-spot detection, lane-keep assist, and rear-cross traffic alert. What those features do is they alert other drivers or help correct the driver if they are driving erratically or kind of not paying attention to their position on the road. Some of the things like I mentioned is you do have the backup camera which is standard in every Hyundai. So what you're looking at here is you do have free guiding lines. The lines are going to move once you start moving the steering wheel. And part of the rear-cross traffic alert, is what's going to happen is, if you're in reverse and you see a car about to pass behind you, and the backup camera does not pick it up yet, what the car is actually going to do is start giving you an alert as in a beeping to warn you that something is about to pass behind the back of the car. Also as I mentioned, you do have a touchscreen, you have Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, as long as you have a compatible phone, on the SEL model and up you do get three months of Sirius XM, SE which is the standard model. But you can save your stations, you can program your phone, you have bluetooth on here, you can also stream Apple CarPlay, Android Auto with Pandora, Spotify. Thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you found it informative. Please come see at Burns Hyundai, and just remember, Burns treats you best.

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