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David Pogue on the music wars

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Ladies and gentlemen, the history of music and television on the Internet in three minutes. A TED medley -- a TEDley.

♫ It's nine o' clock on a Saturday ♫

♫ The record store's closed for the night ♫

♫ So I fire up the old iTunes music store ♫

♫ And soon I am feelin' all right ♫

♫ I know Steve Jobs can find me a melody ♫

♫ With one dollar pricing that rocks ♫

♫ I can type in the track and get album names back ♫

♫ While still in my PJs and socks ♫

♫ Sell us a song, you're the music man ♫

♫ My iPod's still got 10 gigs to go ♫

♫ Yes, we might prefer more compatibility ♫

♫ But Steve likes to run the whole show ♫

♫ I heard "Desperate Housewives" was great last night ♫

♫ But I had a bad piece of cod ♫

♫ As I threw up my meal, I thought, "It's no big deal" ♫

♫ I'll watch it tonight on my 'Pod ♫

♫ And now all of the networks are joining in ♫

♫ Two bucks a show without ads ♫

♫ It's a business those guys always wanted to try ♫

♫ But only Steve Jobs had the 'nads ♫

♫ They say we're young, don't watch TV ♫

♫ They say the Internet is all we see ♫

♫ But that's not true; they've got it wrong ♫

♫ See, all our shows are just two minutes long ♫

♫ Hey ♫

♫ I got YouTube ♫

♫ I got YouTube ♫

And now, ladies and gentlemen, a tribute to the Recording Industry Association of America -- the RIAA!

♫ Young man, you were surfin' along ♫

♫ And then, young man, you downloaded a song ♫

♫ And then, dumb man, copied it to your 'Pod ♫

♫ Then a phone call came to tell you ... ♫

♫ You've just been sued by the R-I-A-A ♫

♫ You've just been screwed by the R-I-A-A ♫

♫ Their attorneys say you committed a crime ♫

♫ And there'd better not be a next time ♫

♫ They've lost their minds at the R-I-A-A ♫

♫ Justice is blind at the R-I-A-A ♫

♫ You're depriving the bands ♫

♫ You are learning to steal ♫

♫ You can't do whatever you feel ♫

♫ CD sales have dropped every year ♫

♫ They're not greedy, they're just quaking with fear ♫

♫ Yes indeedy, what if their end is near ♫

♫ And we download all our music ♫

♫ Yeah, that would piss off the R-I-A-A ♫

♫ No plastic discs from the R-I-A-A ♫

♫ What a way to make friends ♫

♫ It's a plan that can't fail ♫

♫ All your customers off to jail ♫

♫ Who'll be next for the R-I-A-A? ♫

♫ What else is vexing the R-I-A-A? ♫

♫ Maybe whistling a tune ♫

♫ Maybe humming along ♫

♫ Maybe mocking 'em in a song ♫

Video Details

Duration: 3 minutes and 46 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: None
Producer: TEDTalks
Views: 314
Posted by: tedtalks on May 1, 2009

New York Times tech columnist David Pogue performs a satirical mini-medley about iTunes and the downloading wars, borrowing a few notes from Sonny and Cher and the Village People.

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