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Arkadin Case Study - Catalyst - test landing page

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They were listening to us. That was the primary thing that I enjoyed about Arkadin straight away. They didn't try to sell us something,

they listened to what we wanted to achieve, and took that and built a system around it. So the infrastructure stream was part of a wider stream of change. The new CEO took over eighteen months ago and we implemented five streams of change. The infrastructure stream was one of those and it was a stream of change that focused on upgrading all of our infrastructure.

So that's from day-to-day office architectures, everything you see around you, right down to what we use on a day-to-day basis in terms of telephones, laptops, devices, etc. Eighteen months ago we were in a very different place. Everything was very old, everything was very outdated, and the whole lot needed a big upheaval to bring Catalyst into the 21st century. The Telephony Project is a project to upgrade all of our telephony. We're currently running on a very old system that was installed 14 years ago, and we've not done anything with it since then. So when we upgraded the office and we rolled out all these new devices, we decided that there had to be something more, to bring it all together and link it all. And then we came across Arkadin who explained to us how we can actually turn Skype for Business itself into a telephony system. So that everything, all of our instant messaging, our email, our document sharing, our intranet, all becomes linked through Skype for Business Arkadin has been a great partner from the very moment they came in for our initial conversation, right through to where we are at the moment. Arkadin have really focused on the change and how we manage it, so that our people don't feel left out, they don't feel left behind. And one of the things that really sold Arkadin to me was that they offered this service. I was left quite stuned at one point that they even have a "change person" who comes in and works with you to user profile all your staff, and that nobody is left out at go-live wondering what is actually happening here and all of our staff understand the benefits and how it can impact them.

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Arkadin Case Study - Catalyst - test landing page

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