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Security for Medium Business Webinar Video_CLAIMS

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Hello, and thank you for taking part in today’s webinar: End-to-end Security Solutions for mid-market businesses. Today we will be discussing how your organization can benefit from our end-to-end security solutions. At Dell Technologies, we know that you need solutions that are easy to set-up, manage and maintain. We understand your organization’s technology needs, business priorities and desired outcomes. During this webinar, we’ll go over how you can secure your business with our trusted devices, trusted infrastructure and trusted data. But before we dive deeper, let’s begin by talking about today’s working culture and how the way people work is changing. It should come as no surprise that work is more than a destination; it isn’t bound by a workplace. It’s about being productive wherever you work, at any time. In the digital age, workers are connected in more ways and share more information than ever as they go through daily routines. We all understand what that can be like. And since there’s so much information being shared across various devices, your organizations’ and employees’ data becomes more vulnerable to external threats. Plus it’s shared with more people in and outside of traditional corporate firewalls. End users will do whatever they need to when getting their jobs done. Sometimes that means going around security protocols. However, it’s not out of ill will, it’s solely to remain productive. So, how exactly are end users sharing their information? Here’s what we know: 72% of employees are willing to share confidential data externally. 50% use personal cloud apps and email to share confidential data. And 41% will even work around security safeguards just to get work done. These stats can feel a little alarming, right? So, what does this mean for your business? Well, regardless of your business’s size, it faces threats to its assets, its corporate and customer data. These data threats and attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, frequent and widespread. Some examples of these threats are: physical theft and loss, Denial-of-Service, phishing, pharming, ransomware, malware, and many more. Staying ahead of these multitude of threats is critically important for businesses, especially when there are more than 350,000 new threats every day. It’s also important to stay ahead and be prepared for these threats because 95% of actual breaches begin at the endpoint and it can take up to 108 days before an advanced threat is even noticed within an environment. When your company and its environment grow, its security challenges and needs grow as well. A recent study from Techaisle surveyed over 1200 businesses and found that only 34% of mid-market businesses have security executives —that is, leadership dedicated to IT security. This can limit strategic readiness. Industry watchers calculate there will be a shortage of up to 3.5 million security professionals by the year 2021. And that businesses can suffer from more than $120,000 in costs, every time there’s a security breach. Despite feeling prepared for these malicious attacks, businesses can be underprepared solely based on the scaling of their solution. Among that, there are other factors that may come in to play, over the next few minutes I’ll go over what some of those challenges may be. A challenge your IT department may face is that they are simply spread too thin. IT workers often find themselves without enough time to do everything on their own. Plus, their resources and budgets can be limited. And on top of that, IT is still expected to keep up with complex IT needs, especially if your organization is growing. Another potential challenge is that your business may have a complex IT ecosystem. And managing IT operations can limit your time to evaluate the latest technologies that may help improve your business like: cloud solutions, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and more. With so much constantly evolving and changing, it’s easy to see how security can get lost in the shuffle. Now that we’ve talked about some of the challenges your business and IT might be facing today, let’s talk about how Dell Technologies can help you implement an end-to-end security solution that takes these challenges head-on and is tailored to your needs. Dell Technologies delivers a broad portfolio of the latest technologies for your business with ongoing support that helps protect your entire ecosystem from endpoints to the datacenter, and even in the cloud. We understand that businesses need to be able to authenticate users, control access to data and monitor that data use in real time, which is why we create tailored security solutions that protect your data, prevent threats and keep your business moving forward. To go a little more in depth, we’d like to share this video with you. How do you take your plans and turn them into actions? Dell EMC believes it takes a partner that’s helped hundreds of organizations transform. Like a construction company that needed mobile tech for their sales reps and a smarter network infrastructure at HQ, we quickly supplied and deployed our devices to them. Or a university that was challenged with managing their network and protecting their student information, Dell EMC made it possible. It’s time to start your transformation. You’ve made your plans, we’re here to make them happen. So, how does this all work? Well, it all starts with our unique approach. With Dell Technologies, security is built-in at the chip level of our best-in-category devices. This extends through the desktop to the datacenter in the development of our servers, storage, and appliances that are designed with security in mind. And data is protected wherever it goes. After all, our security is inherent, not bolted on. We call this Trusted Devices, Trusted Infrastructure, and Trusted Data. For your business, it means security begins at the endpoints. It’s foundational. And data security is paramount. To start things off, let’s go over how Dell Technologies, as a security solutions partner, delivers trusted devices. It’s important to know the security of your devices can be trusted from the build phase, to delivery, to deployment because 95% of breaches begin at the endpoint. Dell Technologies offers the world’s most secure commercial PCs, desktops and all-in-ones with industry-first and Dell-exclusive security features including BIOS-level protections, multifactor authentication and an array of installed and optional security software. One key feature built-in to Dell devices is SafeBIOS. SafeBIOS is a Dell-exclusive off-host BIOS verification that guards the PC’s BIOS from low-level attacks while giving visibility to unplanned changes. Another is SafeID. SafeID helps ensure that only authorized users can access your devices —and ultimately the rest of your connected infrastructure and data assets. With SafeID, authentication integrity is gained by securely storing and processing credentials in a dedicated security chip, outside of sneaky software attacks. Chip-level authentication works with fingerprint readers, smart cards and Intel Authenticate to safeguard the sign-on process. Dell-exclusive Express Sign-in can wake the PC when the user approaches, and auto-lock the device when the user leaves. When used in conjunction with optional identity-secured login features including facial recognition and third-party software, this enables faster system wake-up and desktop environment sign-on functions. These features, among others, allow for you to trust that your IT investments are protected —wherever end users work, in and outside the corporate firewall. Next, let’s look at some of our world’s most-secure commercial PCs and their features. When it comes to mobility and flexibility, we have our award-winning Latitude family which consists of the world’s most secure, thinnest and lightest business laptops and 2-in-1s You can rest assured knowing that business and customer data is always protected on these devices with a wide variety of biometric readers and encrypted hard drives. Dell Latitude devices offer industry-leading encryption, authentication including an optional fingerprint reader and cutting-edge malware prevention right out the box. Not to mention, you’re equipping your workers with unparalleled speed and performance. One member of the Latitude family we are really excited to talk about today is the Latitude 7400 2-in-1. The Latitude 7400 2-in-1 is the world’s most secure, business-ready 2-in-1 convertible. It comes fully equipped with an integrated Touch Fingerprint Reader, now built directly into the power button to help protect against unauthorized users. The Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 also features Dell Express Sign-in, which boasts the world’s first PC proximity sensor. With the proximity sensor activated, Dell devices sense when the authorized user is nearby and can securely login to the desktop environment, automatically —speeding time to productivity without sacrificing security. Dell Latitude with SafeID technology built-in delivers FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certification providing a more secure way to store and process passwords, biometric templates, and security codes. The Latitude 7400 2-in-1 is also shipped with the contactless Smart Card Reader NFC to help prevent unauthorized access and a built-in a Noble Wedge Lock slot to help protect against physical theft when using a compatible locking cable. There are also plenty of software options that can help further bolster device security —including Dell SafeGuard and Response powered by Secureworks —either built in or available as installed or subscription software. Dell also offers the world’s most secure desktop family, OptiPlex. Ideal for businesses with a lot of desk-centric workers. OptiPlex desktops come with Dell Data Security to assure comprehensive threat protection from end-to-end so your employees can work uninterrupted. OptiPlex desktops with Dell SafeID also support FIPS 140-2 TPM, as well as a chassis intrusion switch, custom cable covers and a security lock to help protect from tampering and intrusion of ports. Two members of the OptiPlex family that provide enterprise-class productivity in a compact form factor are the OptiPlex 7060 and 7050 micro desktops. Aside from being powerful and super fast, these two machines are also extremely secure. OptiPlex 7060 and 7050 micro enable users to securely log in by using an optional fingerprint reader, which operates seamlessly with Microsoft’s biometric sign-in features. They feature a unique-to-Dell security chip that stores authentication credentials and processes, seamlessly. This helps protect sensitive data by keeping it within the firmware away from malicious application attacks. And like the Dell Latitude family, OptiPlex also comes with a multitude of options when it comes to security software. The next and final OptiPlex we’d like to cover is the OptiPlex 7760 All-in-One. Dell’s most secure, manageable and reliable commercial-grade all-in-one desktop. It comes with an optional lockable port cover, designed specifically for OptiPlex all-in-ones. The port cover protects ports and prevents any sort of tampering. The OptiPlex 7760 All-in-One is ideal for workers who want to focus at their desk and not have to worry about data security or any interruptions for that matter. Now that we’ve covered device security, we are going to talk about security on an even larger scale, with Infrastructure security. A conversation about security cannot be complete without discussing the IT foundation–the datacenter. Securing the IT ecosystem means building infrastructure that’s resilient from the ground up, surrounding data with security no matter where it goes, giving you greater control over the entire connected ecosystem to protect IT, business, and end user assets. At Dell Technologies, we deliver trusted infrastructure. We utilize enterprise-grade, highly-scalable server and storage solutions purpose-built for mid-market businesses —from your first server to public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. But it doesn’t stop there. To take security even a step further, Dell EMC Security Development Lifecycle follows a rigorous approach to secure product development that involves executive-level risk management before products are even shipped to market. Today we are going to be talking about three products that give you a sound infrastructure: Dell EMC PowerEdge rack and tower servers; VxRail HCI and PowerVault ME4. Dell EMC PowerEdge rack and tower servers are equipped with end-to-end security starting at the firmware and hardware levels to provide the best protection, tailored to mid-market business’ needs. PowerEdge towers can protect the operating environment from malicious threats with its integrated system lockdown mode and gives peace of mind knowing that when that happens, data is backed up automatically. For example, Dell EMC PowerEdge R540 and PowerEdge T440 servers are built on a comprehensive, cyber-resilient architecture with security features baked right in. These features are designed to protect against physical intrusion, malware injection, tampering during transit, malicious firmware updates, rogue configurations, open port attacks, data breaches and more. DellEMC is the leader when it comes to servers, but now let’s talk about how they lead in storage with the DellEMC PowerVault ME4. The DellEMC PowerVault ME4, is an all-inclusive design providing all the software to store, manage and protect data in every way possible. It offers professional-grade storage with self-encrypting drives in a simple, fast, and affordable solution for mid-market businesses. Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 also comes equipped with snapshots and asynchronous multi-site FC and IP replication capability to reliably deliver data protection that meets your business’s needs. Next, we are going to cover the VxRail Hyper Converged Infrastructure, or HCI appliance. Another product that helps create a trusted infrastructure. 57% of companies leveraging HCI see the avoidance of security risk as one of the solution’s most appealing benefits. The VxRail HCI appliance from DellEMC is not only the number one appliance in HCI, it’s the number one converged and hyperconverged appliance in general --delivering a highly secure, virtualized environment. With flexible configuration options, VxRail offers the adaptability to defend against current and future threats across the most demanding workloads and datasets. The VxRail HCI is powered by VMware, which now includes Data at Rest Encryption or DARE, native to HCI and set at the cluster level for broad protection, because security is business-critical in virtual environments. The VxRail HCI’s software lifecycle management makes updating the complete software stack much simpler, which also helps reduce the vulnerability to attacks. In addition to that, its enhanced security with Security Configuration Guide, STIG, and automated scripts help accelerate deployment of a more secure VxRail infrastructure. And because of DellEMC’s security by design approach, VxRail helps simplify mid-market business’s security landscape by reducing the need for multivendor add-on products. So, we’ve covered servers, storage, and hyper converged infrastructures, but what about the data itself? This brings us to our next and final pillar of mid-market business security: Trusted Data. Our solutions help ensure that data is protected wherever it goes. At the foundation of that promise is the Dell-exclusive SafeData solution, built on the proven security technologies in Dell Data Guardian and Data Encryption. SafeData gives end users the freedom to smartly collaborate knowing data they create is protected, even when it is created and stored in the cloud. And SafeData gives IT admins peace of mind that they can protect, control, and monitor data wherever and however it is used —through email, to PCs and storage devices, in and out of connected networks, and to the cloud. Meanwhile, Dell SafeGuard and Response powered by Secureworks incorporates protections that leverage artificial intelligence, or AI, to keep threats off the endpoint —before they have a chance to attack. Dell SafeGuard and Response prevents 99% of malware threats without disrupting end user productivity. We also fully protect environments from today’s threats through what we call “defense in-depth”. This is what helped us create the number one Data Protection solution available today: the combination of our technology, both hardware and software, plus our services. Which together, protect your IT environment end-to-end. Only Dell technologies has the breadth of solutions and services to help you protect your IT environment end-to-end. And with these technologies and services, end users stay productive. Data stays protected. And IT stays confident. As more businesses look to safeguard infrastructure, data-protection appliances offer a scaled solution that meet mid-market needs. Let’s take a closer look at one of our Dell EMC PowerProtect portfolio appliances, the Dell EMC IDPA DP4400. IDPA DP4400 is the most cost-effective data protection appliance on the market today It allows you to get up to 4 times more data protected with the industry’s lowest average cost for data protection of less than half a penny per giga bite. And it lets you get effective logical data protection storage capacity of up to 55 times the purchased physical capacity. The IDPA DP4400 was built from the ground up for mid-market businesses and offers complete backup, deduplication, replication, and recovery. Plus, it is cloud-ready with disaster recovery and long-term retention to the cloud, all in a convenient 2U appliance. The IDPA DP4400 is all about simplicity. It combines storage, servers, and software with search and analytics tools for powerful data-protection across the largest application ecosystem. All at a low cost to protect, guaranteed. At Dell Technologies, we want to make sure your business is secure and successful. Which is why we offer Dell Financial services to help you lease or purchase the right technologies you need for your entire ecosystem, from desktop to database. With flexible financing options, it’s a convenient way for you to combine hardware, software and PC lifecycle services —all at a predictable price per seat per month. These services help extend your budgets and can free up resources. Dell Security products also come with Dell ProSupport for Software. ProSupport for Software offers peace of mind that Dell industry-certified experts are available whenever needed. With this service, server issues can be resolved up to 72% faster. In the ever-growing world of business and technology, one thing remains the same: We want to ensure your business has the best end-to-end security solution. We do everything possible to make sure end users stay productive. Data stays protected And IT stays confident. Thank you all for being a part of this webinar. As you continue on the path towards securing your business and its data, Dell Technologies will be there to offer assistance and guidance every step of the way. To explore the full range of security solutions for the mid-market from Dell Technologies, call your Dell Security Advisor, or visit: Thank you.

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Security for Medium Business Webinar Video_CLAIMS

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